Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friends with Benefits

In today's society women have become much more like men. Not in a complete sense of course but look at how far women have come. A woman is no longer just a homemaker she is in some instances now the breadwinner of the family. Today's woman has a degree, a good paying job, and basically has life by the horns. Now I am not saying that this woman is me, I'm just generalizing here - thought I should point that out.

But back to topic.... This modern woman also has a stronger sex drive and in some cases may prefer a no strings kinda relationship. This leads me to question: Does a friends with benefits relationship ever really work?

I mean just getting out of a relationship myself I'm not sure I want to jump right back into another one. But sometimes a gal can get lonely and it would be nice to have someone that you are comfortable with that you can call to come share your bed. But does this sort of relationship work? And I know myself well enough that I don't know if I could do it no strings attached. I would be afraid I would start to have feelings for the person and then I would get my heartbroke.

So why is that I am even considering this type of relationship? Are my old fashioned ways going out the door with my old life? Or is it just that I'm evolvoing?

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jwriter said...

Ok this was good. I agree women are becoming more and more like men in sense of how they look at relationships. I do think women are evolving, but I don't know if everything they're trying to become is safe. Let's face it there are double standards when it comes to men and women; even if we made great strides and women no longer have to get married to be financially secure. (If it exist they can actually marry for love). Now does a friends with benefits relationship work??? I have a lot of opinions about that, but for now I will say if that's what both parties want then it can work, but is it right I don't think so. Shouldn't friends have bounderies?