Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Freeze Out Day 6

And just to update you. The freeze out is still on - and I am now on day 6 I believe? Or is it 5? Oh well anyway it is still in affect! For some reason I have this feeling that it's over and the words have just not yet been spoken. And surprisingly enough.... I'm ok with that. Why? Because I'm afraid of getting to close. Plain and simple there it is in black and white. I'm afraid of falling for him and getting in over my head and getting my heart broke. I'm not yet ready to give my heart to anyone. I'm still trying to put it together from the pieces X left behind. And you know what? I think I about have it back together which is a great thing and I don't want to give it to anyone else just yet. I think I want to hold onto it, keep it safe.

So maybe it's time to let go of Big as well. Yeah I know I say that now but you know as well as I do if he calls I'll jump thru whatever hoops he's holding up. Perhaps I'm becoming a well trained poodle? Anyway with a shake of my head I'll clear those thoughts. You know what I'm alright and I'm moving on. If Big calls he calls if not it's his loss. This poodle's done.

And funny enough after writing this post I went to msn.com to check my Tarot card reading for the day I thought I had to share it because it does reflect my mood....

August 19, 2008

Tarot reading for e:

Love: Strength

Touchstone: The Star

Career: Temperance

As far as your romantic life is concerned, thanks to the Star and Strength you feel almost like a carefree youngster. You have a bright smile on your face, and you radiate confidence. And you have good reason, E, today Luck is definitely on your side! But that does not mean that you should open your door wide for everyone! Be careful not to confuse confidence and naivety. In the professional domain, you are able to resolve conflicts easily and to get around any difficulties with diplomacy and goodwill. Temperance and the Star indicate that your serenity and your confidence make you into someone who takes on a natural leadership position and who acts as a conciliator. You have a great gift motivating others in such a way that each of them contributes in their own way.

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