Saturday, August 16, 2008

Girls Night

Last night Vivi, Vixen, Blondie, Giggles, Babbles, and myself went out for a girls night. We went out to eat at one of our favorite local joints and enjoyed drinks, diner, and conversation. I tell ya when we get together no topic is off limits and it amazes me sometimes how open we are with each other. Feeling a little tipsy and not yet ready to go home we decided to walk to the sports bar close by which is owned by a very dear friend Bartender. She laughs at us as we walk in and claim seats around the bar. Blondie's ex is there with the new gal which was interesting. But no fireworks ~ everything went good. Bartender lined us up with drinks as we continued to laugh the night away and speculate about things better left for sober discussions. Should've known we were in trouble when Bartender pulled out the shot glasses and passed them around. With a toast I don't remember we clinked our glasses and bottoms up. When Bartender passes out the shots you never know what you are getting and if you ask she will not tell. Just a smile on her face as she asks if it was good. The shot burned as it went down and it seemed to have a kick at the end. Bartender grinned at me as I stated this and whispered "that kick was 100 proof." And I tell you what I felt it! Perhaps a 100 times over. lol

The night slipped away all to soon and we hugged bartender, bid our goodbyes and made our way to the next bar. I was feeling my liquor at this point and felt as if I were trying to drown away my sorrows and if that were the case I was doing a damn good job of it. We entered the bar all buzzed enough to walk and act like we owned the place. Which I should point out is normal for us. If you act confident people will believe you are, even if you are from it.

All of a sudden I saw a blast from my past a girl who at one time Vixen and myself had been close to - Eclipse. We had not seen Eclipse in years! We embraced and laughed as we caught up. It was great to see her! Then she asked, "So are you and Big married yet?" My jaw drops as Vixen snickers under her breath. I finally choke out a reply, "No but I do still talk to him occasionally." Vixen shoots me a look like 'is that all' to which I ignore. "Huh," Eclipse states, "I always thought you two'd end up together." I quickly change the subject at this point still in a druken shock by the question. We laugh and talk about the old days and fun times we had with Big and Don Juan.

The night dwindles by and it's time to go home. Blondie and I, for lack of a more accurate word, fall into the backseat of the Firebird and Vixen claims shotgun and Vivi (who is not drunk ~ we don't drink and drive) climbs behind the wheel. The ride home went by in a blur of laughter and I'm sure Vivi was ready to kick us out of the car. But she was patient and we arrived home safetly where more drinks were poured and the cards were delt. We always like a good game of cards.

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