Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happily-Ever-After....... Yeah Right

I. Blame. Disney. Simple as that! As a young girl we all watched the movies. You know what I'm talking about; the ones where Disney introduces us young, impressionable girls to our first love story romance. And even though the storyline is different the underlying meaning is always the same ~ love conquers all.

There is always a princess and the man that loves her (usually a knight or prince riding in on his white horse). The two fall in love and then because of some reason or another they are separated and he must overcome some obstacle to be with her again. Which because he loves her so much he will do and then of course he will be triumphant and they will live happily-ever-after. The end.

But in real life this is not how the story goes. And let me pause for a moment to notice the use of color here the good guy is always on a white horse. White signifying purity and goodness. The villain will more than likely be on a black horse - the color black representing evil. So here may lie my problem - so far I think I have been going for the the prince on the black horse......

But anyway that is neither here nor there. Back to topic (sorry I can get sidetracked). Disney sets us up to believe that a knight will come save us and that we too will live happily-ever-after. But in real life does it ever happen that way? Are we being set up for failure? Or does this create an unrealistic view of the way things should be causing us to raise our standards to high?

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jwriter said...

I wish I could have discovered this blog a few months ago because I was asking the same questions and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I blame disney because they set some men i.e. me to be the handsome, charming, treat a woman right prince, but there is no woman (at the time when I was single) that wanted to be rescued, instead they were enjoying their time being terrorized by the dark villian. (They were in love with him). Fairy tales should they stay in books?