Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Big, It's Pink.....

It's an elephant. Big and X did go together to take the test. How do I know? X told me. Weird? You bet! Today Don Juan and I were texting back and forth (he asked if I might want to be his new roommate - go into that later) and I asked him if Big was serious. And Don Juan said yes that Big is serious about joining. So how do you like that for turn of events? And Big will not talk to me. Yeah so that's the end of that.

Now back to being roomies with Don Juan. It has it's pros and cons. Location would be a big pro. But I've seen this boys idea of housekeeping and let me tell ya it's a far cry from my own. It's not time to cross this bridge just yet so I'll leave these thoughts for another day.

Today I also created a who's who page if your having trouble keeping all the characters straight. The link is to the right or http://sites.google.com/site/lifeofasinglegirl/Home/whos-who

Hope that helps!

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