Friday, August 8, 2008

Mission Impossible

So last night me and my girls Vixen and Blondie along with our guy friend Twin headed north to meet up with Vivi.

The plan: to go watch one of our favorite up and coming bands at a local bar.
The cog in the wheel: Twin was running late (damn GPS).
The result: We arrived at the bar to be told that the show was sold out.

But do we take no for answer? Hell no. We walk around the corner to the restaurant that is on the backside of the bar. We enter and head for the bar to have a drink while we attempt to form a new game plan. Vivi gets on the phone trying to pull strings to get us in. But to no avail, everyone from her previous radio days either knows no one at the bar or is out of reach. Then as we sit at the bar pondering what to do next Vixen's phone starts ringing. With a flip of her hair she opens the small phone. It is a "friend" (I use the term loosely here) from home who is already at the concert and quite toasty from the sound of it. She promises Vixen that she can get us in. I admit I was a little skeptical, and if you met this girl you would be to! So Vixen leaves us and heads back outside only to return saying she was able to buy 3 armbands.

Now you do the math. There are 5 of us and 3 armbands..... hhhhmmmmm. Another cog in the wheel? Not a chance. See we've been to this place before and we know there is a hallway that connects the restaurant we are in to the bar behind that we want to be in. So we form a new plan. What are we on plan C now?

So Twin, Vixen and Blondie head back out to the street and walk around the block to enter the bar thru the main entrance. Meanwhile Vivi and myself head to the back corner and sit in chairs around a pool table as we wait for one of them to emerge from the hallway. And no this was not just as easy as us walking in. This place isn't stupid they did have two guards in the hallway checking armbands. So our own style of mission impossible is about to go down.

After a few minutes Vixen emerges from the hallway eyes us but keeps walking. She goes to the restaurant bar and orders a drink, she eyes the guards over her shoulder. Once she has her drink she makes her way to us and pulls two bracelets out of her pocket. Vivi slides hers over her wrist with no problem. Me on the other hand can not get the bracelet on! I have very small wrists but it was not working! So after some pulling and tugging it finally slides on.

Vixen said the guard had looked at her suspiciously before so we decided to walk in separate. Vivi and I headed down the hallway. I held my head up trying to look confident, but lets face I just knew we were going to get busted. Mind you I have never snuck into a bar before and I am probably one of the worst liars of all time. So as we approach the guards Vivi flashes her wrist and keeps walking never pausing or hesitating. I follow her lead and just when I think we are home free the guard calls at me to wait. Shit. I turn and he asks me to come over. I glance around checking to see where Vivi is but she is gone. Great. I walk over to the guard and he grabs my wrist.

"Just slide this thing on?"

Shit I'm busted. But I pull on my best poker face and look him in the, "No." I try to give that surprised and insulted look at the same time.

He slides the bracelet on my arm and as tight as it was seemed satisfied that it would not easily slip on and off. "Let me see your ID."

Ok I've been standing here to long now and I'm feeling a little nervous. I reach in my purse and retrieve my ID and hand it over. He looks at it and looks at me. I smile. I mean what else do you do? As he goes to hand it back to me, I think I am home free. But in one swift motion his other hand comes up and tears my bracelet off.

My mouth drops open in shock. Mother Trucker I'm busted. "What are you doing?!" I ask starting to lose my cool.

He grins at me as he grabs another bracelet from the other guard. "You got it on the wrong arm," he laughs as he reaches for my other wrist and wraps the new bracelet around it.

Whew! "Thanks!" I flash a smile as I walk off. Close but mission completed!

End result: Band was great even though we only got to see about half the show. Years from now I probably won't remember the show, but I will always remember our mission impossible ;)

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