Friday, August 1, 2008

Mr. Big

In every girls life there is that one guy. You know the one I'm talking about. That guy from your past that you can't help but still want. You know better but that never seems to stop you. You can't say no.

I sit at the bar drink in hand, and just like in the movies, I look up and our eyes meet - Mr. Big

In an interview Candace Bushnell was asked what does Mr. Big mean to women? Her answer: “Mr. Big makes you feel prettier, sexier, smarter, more exciting than you are on your own. That’s why “they” are so addicting … it’s like you feel you cannot live without him....”.

She is right.... that is the exact feeling I had as my version of Mr. Big walked up to me and embraced me telling me all the things I wanted and needed to hear. And in my stomach I felt it, the butterflies that you get only when he is near. This was not the first time I had seen him. It seemed over the past few months he was everywhere. The grocery store, the gas station, a friends party - the run ends were endless.

And like always when our relationships end badly we go back to each other. Like a warm familiar blanket you pack up in the summer but come winter it is always there for you to wrap up in and keep you warm. It's comfortable, it's familiar and maybe worst of all it's dependable.

Every girl has a Mr. Big in her life. And in the end I may get my heart broke yet again but for right now I think I'll pull that blanket out with hopes it might keep me warm on these cool August nights.

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jwriter said...

Wow! so every girl has a mr. big. Guess that's sad for the aiden's in their lives huh?