Thursday, August 7, 2008

My day thus far

Bored at work - a pattern that has become an everyday thing lately. I'm not so sure about this new job. Why do you ask then did I get a new job? Guess I forgot to mention that yesterday - X and I worked together so with the divorce and new life I had to find a new job. And the job I have now is not a bad job by any means; it is relatively easy, laid back, decent hours and friendly work environment. The drawback is that there is a lot of down time! I mean I have been here for 3 hours this morning and have done nothing but answered the phone (which has rang only about 5 times 3 of which were telemarketers), gave directions to some people that came in lost, spoke with Vivi on the phone, oh and I checked my email. Yeah REAL productive....

But I am counting down till 4. Tonight holds the promise of being a fun night! When I get off work I'm going home to let my 10 week old Jack Russell Terror puppy, who we will call Hyper, outside. Then getting ready for a night out. Two of my favorite girls Vixen and Blondie are meeting me at the house and we are loading up the fucus (our term for focus) and heading north to meet up with Vivi. Then we are going to a local hot spot to listen to one of our favorite local bands. Should be fun, perhaps trouble cause the four of us together can always find some trouble/fun to get in. Our motto is: Be good or be good at it.
"A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are."
~ Unknown ~

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