Monday, August 25, 2008

The Pink Elephant

Last night I was. Home. Alone. And. Bored. So I picked up the phone and texted one of my best guy friends, Don Juan. Normally we do Sunday movie night but life has been so hectic lately we haven't done one in awhile and I was in need of quality time with the guys. I enjoy hanging with my girls but sometimes you just need to be one of the guys. I guess because for so many years I was one of the guys -I need those days every once in awhile to recapture those young, carefree days. And they are always fun and entertaining and sometimes a little interesting. Now I know what your thinking isn't Don Juan Big's roommate? And the answer is yes. But Don Juan and I have been friends for years and no matter who either of us dates or whatever, we are friends no matter what. That's the bottom line. Has been and always will be.

So I head over hoping Big will not be there but I prepare myself in case he is. I haven't spoken to him in over a week so I'm a little nervous. I pull in the driveway and there is his truck. And Don Juan's car. And now brace yourself..... another vehicle. Crap. I had not prepared myself for the possible "worst case scenario" - what if he has another girl here?

I enter the house and Don Juan is sitting on the couch waiting for me. Big's door is closed and I can hear the noise of a football game coming from within. I keep my cool and head for the comfy chair. Yes, you know what I'm talking about that big overstuffed chair that every bachelor guy's-guy has. The one that is so comfortable when you sit down it feels as if it wraps it's arms around you. I quickly claim it and we start discussing which movie to watch. Then out comes Big. He says hi and is all friendly. Asking the "how are you", "what have you been up to", generic questions. I answer all the while thinking, "if you'd reply to your text messages you'd effing know." But alas I bit my tongue. By this time my mind has started to work and I realize no one else is here (I admit I felt a little relieved) and that the vehicle in question belonged to Don Juan's mom if I remember correctly...... so anyway Big is nice. I'm nice.

Then our other friend RC shows up. Now RC is a cutie and funny as hell but way to young! I think he is early twenties.... anyway so Big returns to his football game and Don Juan, RC and myself watch Fools Gold. I had fun hanging with the guys. Then as I start to leave I debate on weather I should tell Big bye or not and decide that I should. So I go to his door, I don't knock but open the door - he's laying on the bed watching a boxing match. I tell him bye and that I'm going home. He replies, "your leaving?"........................ did you just ask yourself what the hell?! Yeah I did to.............. So I answer yes and he says, "well come give me a hug."

I do and close his door again feeling utterly confused. I hug Don Juan and RC bye and RC so young but at times so thoughtful tells me it's raining and to be careful driving home.

Now to make the night more interesting I forgot to mention X called Don Juan to ask if Big was going to go with him Monday to take the military test. Great just great. I don't know the answer. Did they go together today or not? Don't know. If they did I feel as if there is a big pink elephant in the car. Riding in the backseat. You know it's there but you don't want to acknowledge the fact it's there. And I hope that my name DOES NOT come up!! But what else do they have in common really? So I'm sweating that a little today. And I know this new 'friendship' is why Big has backed off. Just wish he had the guts (or balls) to tell me. And trust me if they go together that pink elephant will have to have had a few drinks to survive that trip! lol

So back to last night. I go home and on the way I sent Big a text asking what's up. It was nice, yet to the point. Did he reply? No and I knew he wouldn't but I felt better for having spoken my mind. I'm not upset. Why? Because with Big I just know deep down that it's never really over. For better or worse he'll always be there if I really need him. Still not sure if that is a good thing...... and once home I got a nice text from RC asking if I made if home okay. It wasn't from the person I wanted it to be from but it was nice to know that RC, no matter how young he is, can be a gentleman at times. The world needs more nice guys.

Miranda: Men—wait, let me rephrase that—some men...
Carrie: Good move, counselor. That will look much better
on the court transcripts of this dinner.

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jwriter said...

Man Mr. Big is everywhere lol. ok not funny. Just a little lol.