Saturday, August 23, 2008

Riding With The Top Down

Last Night Blondie and myself headed for the sports bar to visit with Bartender. We walked in and the place was packed!! We ran into our guy friend/Blondie's color buddy, Electric T (not on purpose) and claimed a booth. We are way to regulars here. If busy the waitresses know to ignore us - we place our own order with the kitchen and the bar and pretty much fend for ourselves. So Electric T joins us and we all eat diner, talking and laughing. It is apparent early in the evening that I will be the DD for tonight so I sit back and watch the night unfold. After many, many drinks I get Blondie and Electric T to the car. We head for Electric T's house where we found that in a business deal he has wound up with an old Jeep. When I say old I mean old. But it runs........ barely. So like all great ideas that come late at night the three of us pile in the old Jeep. The drivers seat will not slide up and I'm a shorty so I have to sit as far forward on the seat as I can to get the clutch in. But no challenge to great ~ I get it cranked and we are off! No top, No seat belts, No power steering. Just three friends in a big Jeep tearing down a dirt road! Laughter feels the air as Blondie and myself sing, making up for the lack of a radio. The Jeep pulls to the left but that's ok I got this. Sometimes in life you just have to enjoy the ride.

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