Monday, August 4, 2008


Now that I am single I notice that I tend to surround myself with other single friends. I have always had single friends don't get me wrong but things have changed since I have joined their single ranks. Everything is different all the way down to our topics of conversation. Women who I always considered my close friends have now become closer. Knowing all most all of my inner most thoughts. Which can be scary and great all at the same time. I treasure these new friendships and the bonds we have created. We are all in search of the same thing - that one guy who will sweep us off our feet. But in the mean time we are enjoying this journey of singledom together. We are having fun going out for drinks together and talking about the losers that lost us and lucky bastards who will get to meet us. And may god have pity on their souls because we are a group of fairly outspoken women who know what we want, have settled for less in the past, and have vowed we will never do it again.


jwriter said...

I'm all for outspoken, determined, powerful women; who have higher standards for how they will be treated by the next man that come along, but why is it that some women make the next man PAY for the last man's sins???

E said...

That is true! We know we shouldn't do it but it happens. But guys do the same thing.... punish new girlfriends for the old one's mistakes