Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Ride

So today Vivi, Blondie, and myself pulled the t-tops outta the Firebird, pulled our hair up and decided to go for a ride and enjoy the cool August day. Everything was going good we were singing along with the radio and having fun when a all of a sudden explicit language starts coming from the backseat. From where I sit in the passenger seat I reach up and turn down the radio.

"That son of a b**ch," Blondie exclaims. Now I should perhaps explain that the three of us have been testing the waters and each have a 'friend with benefits' thing going on. This is a new experience for all of us. Blondie then explains that she just found out her 'friend', who we will call Electric, went out on a date with his ex-girlfriend. Blondie gets pretty upset seeing that she stayed the night with him only two nights before.

As we once again ride in silence I start thinking about my own situation and how it may be time to get while the gettings good. So far I have done pretty well in keeping my feelings in check but I'm afraid the longer it goes on the more impossible that may be to do. I mean with this type of relationship there are no rules. Big can talk to whomever he wants and so can I. The only agreement we have is that we are not coloring with any one else (if you do not know what coloring is watch the Sex and the City movie). Our relationship is about the moment and could end abruptly at any time if either one of us decides to start dating someone. Am I prepared for that?

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