Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taking Chances

Today at work I checked my horoscope and it said that today luck will be on my side. So with that in mind and the fact I am in way to chipper of a mood I decide to make contact with Fire Guy. Remember Fire Guy? He's the one I met at the company get together this last weekend. Well I'm friends with him on myspace so I send a quick message ~ just a basic hi, how are you - type message. The way I see it I have nothing to lose ~ yep here comes my go-get-it personality coming out.

So he replied! And the conversation has continued on through several messages. But good news I guess ~ he has invited me to go kayaking sometime. Which is something I have never tried, but hey I'll try about anything at least once. No definite date set or anything. But it brings a smile to my face none the less.

Sometimes in life you have to take chances. Throw the "what if's" to the side and just go for it. The results can be good or sometimes bad, but at least you'll never wonder what if. Life's to short to be anything but happy. I'm learning that more and more everyday. Will Fire Guy turn into my first date as a newly single girl? Not sure yet. Perhaps. And perhaps not.

Ok just got a message asking when I want to go so I gave him my number. So we will see. Maybe today luck is on my side....

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