Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tiki TIme

Last night was the office cookout I wrote about a few weeks ago, and no I didn't ask Big. After getting the invitation I decided to hold off a few weeks on asking him, and after finding out it was not only an office party but a who's-who-of-a-small-town-party I decided it best I go solo. Or better yet take Blondie. So that is what I did. We arrived around 5:30 and mingled a bit. Us and two other friends being about the youngest ones there. So here's how the night broke down:

  • Me and Blondie were the only ones not drinking (didn't think it wise to get drunk at 1st office party)
  • Got hit on by an old guy, who no one seemed to know who he was
  • Smiled as introduced to people who I will never remember their names
  • When in doubt smile and nod
  • Took part in pointless conversation

Then in walked a cute guy about our age, the night started looking up - Fire Guy. At seeing me and Blondie he smiled and came over to say hi. --- Maybe I should mention here that he was not a random stranger and that we do know him ---- He was nice, charming, and I quickly considered him as potential first date material. We talked awhile and then I walked away hoping that I was having the leave-them-wanting-more affect. From here I visited a little longer with our two friends at the party, shook some more hands, and of course more smiles and nods. Then it was time to go. Blondie and I said our good byes. And come to find out Fire Guy's dad knows my mom and tells me I look just like her -Which I get all the time and I do take it as a compliment. Fire Guy smiles and we tell him goodbye. For some reason just having a good conversation with a guy cheered me up. Gave me hope, perhaps. Good guys are out there. They do exist and one day I'll find the right one for me.

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E said...

And just to add ~ Fire Guy admitted he asked about me after I left ;)