Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The 90/10 Rule

If I had a checklist of qualities I wanted my next boyfriend to have I hate to say it but Fire Guy would at least get like 8 out of 10. As I have posted before I have horses which means hauling hay is a regular activity. And I'm not talking about hauling hay for 1 or 2 horses its more like 15. So yesterday after work Fire Guy came with my mom and I to haul hay. I didn't ask for help but he volunteered and if I learned anything from the tree experience it was if someone wants to help you let them.

After hauling hay we went to grab a bite to eat before his baseball game. He plays in an adult league with the fire department. And since he had been nice enough to come help I figured the least I could do was go watch. So I went home and got Hyper and headed to the ball fields. And Blondie's punishment was she had to come along. Yes, paybacks a bitch.

So we sit watching the game all the while keeping a close eye on Hyper who was playing happily at the end of her leash with several stray kids. But when Fire Guy would come back to the dugout she would quickly abandon the kids and try to make a mad dash for him. I'm telling you I seriously think she would chose him over me. Blondie stuck around for a while but then left me in search of food. Instead of sitting by myself I relocated.......... and sat with the family......... his dad, step-mom, and step-sister. Weird? You bet! I was my nice and charming self and I had met them once before but it was still weird. Made me want to get up and run for the hills. To fast. To fast. Kept running thru my head. This is moving to fast. But then I took a deep breath and reassessed the situation. It wasn't like I was invited to a family function or anything this was just a sorta run in, same place same time, type of thing. It was still weird though.

Seeing as they were playing the best team in the league Fire Guy's team lost, but in his defense it was a good game...... meaning they could have lost by a lot more. After the game I can tell he is a little mad about the defeat but with a smile he greets me and an excited Hyper who licks his face as if to say its ok. As he walks me to my car I'm quiet trying to tread lightly, I'm used to X and when he gets mad it's best leave him alone or face the wrath. But Fire Guy is a gentleman as he hugs me, thanks me for coming, and opens my car door. I place Hyper in the passenger seat and climb in. He leans down to kiss me but pauses right before he gets all the way to me. Did anyone else know about this 90/10 rule?............ Please tell me I'm not the only one.............. So as he hesitates, me being me, I start talking. I feel awkward and unsure of what to do. I tell him bye and this times he does lean down and kiss me. Just a quick kiss and then he closes my door and is gone.

I'm left feeling a little baffled but shrug it off and head home to feed Hyper and take my nightly bubble bath. As I am crawling in bed my phone goes off. It's Fire Guy. He wants to make sure I made it home ok. This turns into an hour conversation. He makes me smile. Which is nice because I feel like I haven't really smiled in so long. And going back to the 90/10 thing. Apparently a guy will go in 90 percent of the way and then if the girl wants to kiss the guy she will come in 10 percent of the way. WTF??? Who made that rule??? Oh well explains the hesitation. I tell him what I think of this rule - cause personally I think the guy just needs to take the girl, sweep her off her feet, and kiss her passionately. Only in the movies? I refuse to believe that.

“In a relationship there's always one who kisses and one who is kissed.”
Parting Glances (1986) – Betty (Yolande Bavan)

I also found this quote that was to good not to post as well.............

“I'm so glad they still work. I haven't used them for kissing in such a long time,
more like for wearing lipstick and whistling.”
Something’s Gotta Give (2003) – Erica (Diane Keaton)

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