Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to Reality

Today I am back to work yet still wishing I was in the Bahama's (and I warn you prepare yourself now for a long post!). I have so much to write about and I'm sure I am going to have to take several breaks in between. For example in about 20 minutes Fire Guy is coming by to take me to lunch.... ok maybe I do like him just a little. Blondie so called me out for it on the trip. I just don't want to get in to deep. You know if I were standing in the ocean I want to be at the edge with the water swirling around my feet, not in over my head like Vivi was at one point during the trip waving her arm in the air cause her contacts had issues and she needed help. That's how I feel about Fire Guy, stay at the edge and play it safe.

Friday morning at 2 a.m. after only about an hour sleep Blondie bursts into my room with shouts of glee, "Get up Bit*h we're going to the Bahama's!!" (She is very excited this is not meant negatively ~ thought I should maybe clear that up). Vivi and I roll out of bed throw on clothes, toss last minute stuff into our bags and load up the fucus (Focus). Once we're in the car and strapped in we head to pick up Vixen. At this point Vivi is not feeling so hot.... she blames the curvy roads - I'd say it had something to do with the Vodka and Red Bull her and Blondie had been drinking the night before. But potatoe, potato either way once the car stopped she was puking in the woods. Yep, not even made it to the airport and already an interesting trip!

We arrive at the airport early and await our flight. This is my first flight, they were taking my flight virginity. As we boarded the plain I wasn't nervous.... surprisingly. Maybe because I was so ready for a getaway! I took my window and seat and settled in. I enjoyed the ride and took many pictures along the way. Once the plane landed we decided to make good use of our time while we waited on the bus to take us to the boat. So we started the trip out right by ordering our first vacation drinks. Let me tell you tequila burns more before 11 a.m. I am convinced! After drinks we boarded a bus and were in route to the boat. We arrive VIP Style, check our bags and head on board and head straight for...... you guessed it the bar. But then we made our way to the deck to lounge while we waited on our bags to be delivered to our rooms.

From here the days become a blur of food, drinks and laying by the pool! On a cruise there is great food everywhere!! And it's free so you tend to eat way more than you normally would. This also made me brave to try new things...... cause if I didn't like it no worries I wasn't paying for it and I could get something else. But let me pause a minute to dedicate a line to the best thing ever! The chocolate melting cake...... DELICIOUS!!!! No other way to describe it. We all fell in love with it. Wow just talking about it makes me want some.

On the trip we quickly became known as the Georgia Peaches. And you know us the first thing we spotted when we got on the boat was boys, boys, boys! There was a group that worked together and were on a group trip and had red shirts on the first day so we coined them Red Shirt boys. They were cute but young! We watched them attempt to play beer pong all the while Vivi and myself were thinking that we could take them. Friday night was pretty low key...... or maybe it's just that I don't remember..... huh.

Anyway moving on. Saturday we ported in Nassau. The sun was shining, the ocean blue, overall gorgeous day! This day we parted ways. Blondie and myself headed to Atlantis to swim with the dolphins. - Which was such a fun experience! - And Vivi and Vixen went exploring the city. Where they shopped and from what I heard Vixen had a Fendigasm moment. Apparently fake bags can do that to you. And let me point out we were all a little freaked to discover that they drive on the other side of the road here. Threw us all for a loop to begin with.

After our adventures we meet back at the ship to get ready for our night on the town. We were dressed to kill and in search of trouble as we stepped off the boat. We headed to Senor Frogs where the music was loud and drinks were well mixed. We met up with our Miami boys and Red Shirt boys and the night was mixture of dancing, drunken conversations, and laughter. Before we knew it the time had flown by and it was 3 a.m. As a group we headed back to the ship and I felt safer having the group of guys to walk with. Not that Vivi, Vixen, Blondie and myself can't take care of ourselves but on the streets at night it was nice to have the guys as body guards.

As we walk to the boat this cute guy I have been talking to at the bar grabs my hand. He is young, 21 young, and fairly drunk. I shake my hand free but like a lost puppy dog he stays close to my heels and takes my hand again, like I had dropped his on accident or something. So after shaking him loose 3 more times I give up and say what the hell and let him hold my hand as we make our way back to the ship. All hungry at this point we head to the dining room and 24 hour pizzeria. To get here we have to take an elevator. Did I mention there are about 25 of us crammed in a 16 person elevator? Yeah interesting. And maybe the highlight of the trip! So we make it to the pizzeria and I get asked something I can honestly say I have never been asked....... 21 puts his arm around me as we wait for our pizza and in mid conversation slurs, "so you wanna make out later?" Are you laughing?! Yeah I did to. I thought Vixen, who was standing next to me, was going to spit out her drink! I laughed thinking, 'this boy did not just say this." So he repeats himself. I grab my pizza and reply, "your not that lucky, and I'm not that bored." I then turned and walked off to grab a seat by Vivi at the table. I know what your thinking, 'well that was mean' but trust me 21 was way to drink to probably even remember any of it! We ended up in bed about 5 a.m. so definitely a late night. But we had so much fun! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But maybe I should have kissed 21 just once so I could've said I had a vacation romance.......... nah!

Sunday was a day at sea. We laid by the pool and just relaxed. That evening we went to a club on the ship with our new friends but didn't stay late cause we knew we had to get up early the next morning.

Another thing I would like to compliment the cruise ship on was the beds! The bed and pillows were so comfortable! I slept so good the whole trip! It was like a pillow you just sunk down into and I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Ok back to topic. Monday came to soon as we departed the ship and headed once again to the airport. We arrived at 9 a.m. but our flight was not till 2:30 p.m. hhhhmmmmm time to kill. We can do that! So while Blondie curled up to take a nap and Vixen..... well I don't remember what Vixen was doing...... Vivi and I went exploring. Of course we ended up in the book store. And we saw a book that just grabbed our attention so we had to buy it. So we spent the remainder of our wait reading and laughing at the points the book made. Vivi is reading it now but I look forward to borrowing it when she is done.

Finally our flight was called and we were officially on the way home...... this time I did get sick and made the mad dash for the bathroom as soon as the plane landed. After claiming our bags and boarding the bus we are taken to the lot where we had left the car. But wait the trip is not over yet! We open the door to find the car overrun with ants. Yep Vivi had left an open diet coke in the back and Blondie well there was enough crumbs to feed the whole ant family! 45 minutes later we had eliminated the majority of them...... or so we thought. It was war the whole way home! Gives a whole new meaning to ants in your pants!
After a long day I finally made it home and was greated by a very excited Hyper. I had a great trip but did not want to come back to reality. As soon a I arrived in Miami off the boat the first news I heard from home was that X is trying to stir up more trouble. Great. Yeah I should've stayed in the Bahama's!

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