Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bursting the Happy Bubble

Even though I tend to live in my "happy bubble" today I feel like I need to break out of that bubble and discuss what is really on every one's mind; the economy and our place in it. Now mind you I am not that interested/involved in politics, but I do hear what is going on. And let's face it, it affects all of us. I'm worried because I am not as stable as I would like to be. Meaning before X and I got married I was financially stable with money in the bank. Enough money that if I were to lose my job I could make it at least six months. Now I am a little edgy because I am living from paycheck to check. Which as you know sucks. Unfortunately to many bills to pay + low income = uncertainty on my part.

Add this to the fact that I am the low man on the totem pole here at work I worry that if things keep being slow I will be the first to go. Gas prices are a major problem. In that gas keeps getting more expensive yet we as the consumer are not making any more money. Yet as the rule of supply and demand goes, why should they lower the gas prices. They know we will pay it. We have no choice. Myself, just like others I assume, have cut down on gas consumption. I drive to work and home; that's pretty much it. I have went on no road trips this summer as usual. And even when we go to the lake we tend to lay out on the dock more and ride on the boat less. Because the boat uses a ton of gas!

I have cut way back on spending; not just because of the economy but still seem to be just barely making it. Everyone admits there is a problem but no one seems to want to step up and fix it. And sorry for my ignorance perhaps, but it seems they have almost waited to late. They should have started trying to fix the problem months ago.

Today I read a post by Clever Girl Goes Blog (that is perhaps what got me on this kick), and she makes several suggestions to help save money. If you haven't read it I recommended reading it. I think I may try the gift card purchase idea. I have done this before when I was in college. My biggest way of saving money is bringing my lunch to work, but lets face it sandwiches and frozen diners can get old fast! So in order to better budget my fast food trips for the month I may get a gift card. But instead of doing a store card I'm leaning more toward a general visa that I could use anywhere.

Also blogs of note on ways to save:

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