Friday, September 5, 2008

Fire Guy

So sitting at work - 30 minutes to go and today has been interesting. Fire Guy first sent me a text saying "Hey doll i am sorry but there is no way I can go tonight. i have got to go to work! But I would like to go sometime?" Shew ok may have dodged a bullet. Then about an hour later I get another text, "Okay check it out. I just said forget about work! And I really would like to go to the barrel race with you! That is if the offer still stands?" So I can't help but smile I mean Fire Guy is good looking, nice, outdoorsy, and seems to be an all around good guy. So I'm looking forward to tonight and a little nervous! I mean even X never came to a barrel race with me and now here's this guy I'm kinda crushing on that's going to come and I don't even know him that well.... what if I make an ass outta myself? Hopefully not! Also when I go to horse shows I tend to get down and dirty ~ not at all the chic cute girl I usually am. I'm hair in the ponytail, dirt on my boots girl. Maybe I need to chill a bit I mean the two times we've hung out I've done the inviting.... but it's because he asks what I'm doing and lets face it I stay busy and have plans so I just invite him to come along. He does get brownie points for wanting to come, which as a guy who barely knows me means a lot. I just hope he doesn't get to bored waiting. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Cayman's Girl said...

OMG!!! Good Luck tonight! i cant wait to hear how it goes!
and BTW i love the line " i like my life the way i like my drinks shaken not stirred" wicked!!