Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gone Fishing

The firsts parts of dating are always like a new adventure: fun and full of excitement. I love the getting to know someone new part at the beginning. It can be awkward but it is also interesting to hear about another persons walk thru life. And any time you slap a guy in the face with a fish and he doesn't make you walk home.... well... maybe I should start at the beginning.

Yesterday after work.........

I hurried home to let Hyper outside and quickly threw on a pair of jeans, old t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Fire Guy would be here any minute to take me fishing and I only had time to throw my hair in a quick pony tail and glance in the mirror to make sure I looked half way decent when I heard his truck pull in the drive-way. Or should I say part way in the drive-way ~ yep the tree was still there. I walk outside to see him already out of the truck with a chainsaw in hand and a cut off sleeve shirt showing off his muscles well. Yes, definitely the kinda guy you wouldn't mind being rescued by. As I walked up the drive-way he laughed at me, "Small tree?" I shrugged cause he was right it wasn't that small at all. In less than 5 minutes he had it out of the drive-way and as I watched him pick up part of the tree one handed that I had struggled to barely move with two hands all I could think was WOW! Maybe I should add here he is not one of those to muscled up guys, you know the kind that almost look gross? He has just enough muscles to look good but not over the top. I'm not much for big muscles.

Once the tree is moved I go to put Hyper inside when he suggests we bring her with us. Definitly brownie points here. So Fire Guy was taking me fishing. I'm a country girl trapped in a modern girls world so when he suggested this I was eager to go. I hadn't been fishing in forever and it was such a pretty day to be outside. So Hyper and I climbed into the passenger seat and we were off.

After going down a winding dirt road, that at one point didn't even look like much of a road, we came to a small pavilion. Fire Guy explained his family has get together's and cookouts here on a regular basis.

I let Hyper down and instantly she was off to terrorize anything she could find, mainly leaves and stray sticks. Fire Guy grabs two fishing poles and leads me down a path to the creek knocking spiderwebs out of the path along the way. The way clears and we are standing in one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen. I inwardly kick myself for not having my camera with me. We make small talk as he baits my hook and hands me a pole. I'm feeling a little rusty and self conscious as I try to remind myself how to cast and flip the thingamabob (technical term) to loosen the line. But once the pole is in my hand it all comes back. I cast my line and wait. I'm not a patient person by any means but for some reason fishing is just relaxing so I wait patiently pulling on my line every once awhile. Hyper is having the time of her life and running wide open everywhere! Then I feel a pull at my line! "I think I got one!" I give the pole a swift jerk and start to reel it in knowing by the weight on the line I've caught something. Now here comes out my girly side I had warned Fire Guy in advance I will bait my own hook but I will not take the fish off. So he comes over as I pull a brim out of the water. We laugh and he jokes about how he can't believe I've already caught something. He gently takes the fish off the hook and releases it back in the water.

Time passes and no more bites so we walk down stream, this place was so beautiful and peaceful I will definitely have to go back and get pictures to share with you. ~ We stop at a new spot and there are rocks going out into the creek. Fire Guy tells me the best spot to fish is to stand out on the rocks and cast into the deep end. So carefully I make my way out on the rocks trying to keep my balance and to keep from sliding on the slick rocks. He goes a few feet down and crosses over to more rocks and we once again cast our lines. Hyper at this point is bouncing around on the rocks and of course slides off in the water to get a floating stick and swims to shore. I think she is hyper normally but today she was wide open non-stop!

Then I get another bite! Fire Guy sees my line go tight and he thinks I've gotten caught on a rock but I know better and reel in another brim. We both laugh and he says he can't believe I'm showing him up. So now here we stand in the middle of the creek on rocks several feet apart. He tells me to swing my line to him. I attempt to do this to no avail both of us about falling in during the process. So for the third attempt he tells me to give the line some slack..... which I do...... I fling the line his way, he leans over forward reaching out to get it. His hand closes around the line, and as he tries to keep from losing his blance the line swings upward and the fish smacks him right up side the face! This evidently knocks the hook lose for the fish fell into the water and swam off. I was trying so hard not to laugh but I couldn't help myself it was just to funny!

After that I caught one more and so did he leaving our end score 3 to 1. Which pointed out to him technically he had caught 2. I know I shouldn't have said it but it was just to funny!!

So we loaded up Hyper and headed back to the house were I cooked us diner and we watched a movie. I had a great time. Fire Guy is really nice and Hyper loves him. Seriously I have never seen her so excited about anyone. She was litterally right there with him the entire night. Traitor. Anyway it was a nice night. And just to make it clear I told him I was not looking for anything serious just someone to have fun with and that he was free to date other people. He said he understood he knew I was coming out of a long relationship, blah blah, blah. You know how it goes. When he went to leave he leaned down and kissed me. It was nice. Nice to be held and nice to be kissed. Sometimes a girl just needs to be kissed.......

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