Saturday, September 6, 2008

High / Low

Last night was a night of high's and low's. Left work and went to the barn to get my horse ready to go and she was in a mood therefor this took longer than necessary. Vixen came and helped me get things moving along. Got the horses on the trailer and off we went. Once there we signed up for the classes we wanted to participate in, paid our money, then set in for the wait. Vivi, who had stopped to shop, arrived and the three of us visited as we waited on the show to start. And Fire Guy did come. He was really nice and at least feigned interest. My horse did not do her best which was a little frustrating but hey I guess we all have our days! I left with two ribbons so maybe the night wasn't a complete bust.

After the show Vivi, Vixen, Fire Guy and myself headed to Krystal's for much needed food. The conversation was good and Fire Guy was able to handle 2 out 5 of my closest friends. Overall it was a pretty good night. Once back to the barn though things went south. It was my fault I wasn't paying attention and lets just say one of the horses decided to smash me against a wall so today I have a sore hand and a 2x4 scraped up arm! Great ending let me tell ya!

Even with my harm hurting like hell though I couldn't help but smile at the nice night I had with Fire Guy. It was nice to be around a guy who is actually interested in something your into. Vixen gave me thumbs up and let me tell you she can be a pretty harsh critic. So maybe we'll keep him around a least for the time being. He says he'll call. And you know what I think the night went good enough that he just might. He also gets brownie points for seeing me all dirty and sweaty and wanting to hang out again :)

"We were having one of those great first dates you
can only have when it's not an actual date."
~ Carrie SATC

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