Friday, September 5, 2008

Life: Shaken not Stirred

Last night when I got off work instead of going home, taking medicine, and getting in bed I threw on old jeans and headed to the barn. I feel much better today! Sometimes you just need a little fresh air to put that bounce back in your step. It is finally Friday and I am highly anticipating getting off work and going barrel racing tonight! Wow you learn more about me everyday and I bet I'm still surprising you a little aren't I?! Yes, I am a barrel racer. I like fast horses and cold drinks ~ but warning mixing of the two is not advised!

So I may have dug myself a hole. I invited Big to come tonight but did so in the casual 'if your bored' type way. Do I really think he'll come? Hell no! So when Fire Guy asks what I'm doing this weekend I tell him of my plans tonight and in the same way invite him to come. Now your thinking WTF, is she stupid?! And no I am not. I know that Fire Guy has to work a 24 hour shift today, I knew this before I asked. What I did not know was that he would actually want to come and reply back that he is going to see if he can take off work.... Wait for it....... Yes, now I am panicking! I call Vivi and she laughs until she realizes that if they both show up she has to run interference.

See the crazy shit I get into? This is why they don't usually tend to leave me alone, because I will always get myself in some kind of trouble! But hey what fun is life without a little trouble? So do I think they will both come? Chances are slim to none.... We shall have to see, may lead for an interesting post in the future. But don't get your hopes up my hunch is neither will show. Either way I'm looking forward to a fun night at the horse show with my girls! Oh yeah I didn't mention they were coming did I? Vivi, Blondie, and Vixen are coming to be my cheering squad. I tell you me and these girls are in it together for life. I am so lucky to have such wonderful and supportive friends! I don't mean to be cliche but I would literally be lost without them! They are the loves of my life and as the quote I posted yesterday stated a man would be lucky to come in fourth.

"I like my life the way I like my drinks - shaken not stirred."
~ E

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