Monday, September 22, 2008

Night To Remember

Birthday's are always dreaded. But why? Is it the fear of growing old or just the sense of impending doom? Never fails every year something. always. goes wrong. Maybe it's because you get your expectations up. Who knows. With that being said Vivi made sure I had a great birthday! Or at least did so many shots I wouldn't remember it......... not sure which!

Saturday night was the night we were all going out. The original plan was to go North to a mystery diner theater. Something different from the norm and sounded like fun. Well after the trip I knew everyone was short on cash so suggested we do something else. Giggles suggested going to sports bar to watch the football game (keep in mind she is the one who said she didn't have the money). So everyone agrees on this plan B.

Saturday afternoon I'm cleaning house / playing with Hyper when Giggles arrives and we sit on the back porch eating chips and catching up. She then drops the bomb that she is not coming to sports bar with the group. I'm ok with that little aggravated cause we changed the plans for her. But I quickly let it go. I know we'll still have fun. I'm determined this is going to be a good day. I've been so down about X but I had vowed this birthday I would celebrate life without him. Is it a sign that it went the way it went?? I'm going to say no and hope that its true!

Anyway so Vivi, bless her heart, drives the hour and a half to get here even though she has to be back to work Sunday morning. She arrives at the house to greet me, Vixen, and Blondie. Vixen and Blondie had already made their first drink and we're all giggles as I got to open my presents. I loved my stuff!! Vivi got me an interesting gift I can't wait to use......... you really don't want to know.

We head to sports bar where the night starts out good with food and drinks. Then it's like the plane took a nose dive....... Vixen and Blondie said they wanted to head south (about an hour and a half away) to go clubbing. To clarify we live in the middle of nowhere. I'm a little shocked by the announcement. Vivi tells me I can go but she has to work the next day so she's not really up for an all-nighter. I appreciate her selflessness, but there is no way I'm abandoning her after she has come so far to spend my birthday with me. I tell Vixen and Blondie if they want to go then they can.... and they do. Shocked? Yeah so was I. My feelings were more hurt than anything. Of course they realized the next day that they may have been influenced by beer and apologized profusely. But I'm not ready to forgive just yet. I'll get over it, I mean they have done so much for me and have been there so much for me lately I can't expect them to be there every time. If it hadn't been my birthday it wouldn't have bothered me at all.

After they left Vivi started ordering me shots. They went down way to easily. Fire Guy had to work this weekend but came by to check on us. And we had another friend that was with us who gave Vivi and me a ride home. Back at the house a few other friends came over and we played card drinking games and laughed into the night. I awoke the next morning with my pajama pants on but I still had my bra and t-shirt from the night before on....... yeah apparently I had a little to much to drink! Memories of the night before were fuzzy but one thing stuck out. Trouble.

I have not mentioned Mr. Trouble yet. Well I have but not by name (I Miss You Post). Trouble is probably my BEST guy friend. We have been friends for years and since my dad's death he is probably the only guy that I consider the steady rock in my life. He gave me the courage to make some of the hard decisions I have made in the past year, along with sound advice even if it was not what I wanted to hear. Why have I not mentioned him then? Because his girlfriend is the bitch from hell (BFH). She is jealous of our friendship I guess and I must admit she has a right to be considering Trouble and I have crossed the line of friendship before but quickly jumped back. But that is our secret. Trouble and I usually talk about once a week or at least every other week. Strictly on a friend level and when BFH is not around. I feel shady about this, yes, but I'm not willing to lose this friendship. Well for work he is out of town so we have talked more recently than normal. And when I say talked I mean texted. The new form of talking I guess.

Anyway not real sure all that was said.... on my part at least cause I had deleted my outbox..... but my inbox had several interesting messages in it. And apparently Vivi and I discussed flying out next weekend to see him. I'm going with the rule "if I don't remember, it didn't happen." I did talk to Mr. Trouble Sunday and things are all good. Got to love best friends.

And thanks again to Vivi who made my birthday one to remember...........

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Vivi said...

Honey, you know that as long as I'm around you will have great birthdays! And since mine is coming up I know what I want... ;) No really, I'm glad you had fun! And what is it with crazy people coming over in the middle of the night? Usually I get lucky when that happens, but I may be glad that didn't happen this time! I love you and I miss you!