Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Read My Lips

When I started this blog it was really for my own personal pleasure. To get my feelings out there and vent/bitch a little when the need should arise. I hoped others might read it and perhaps enjoy it but I really did not have faith anyone would ever stumble upon it. Then a few weeks ago I got my first comment (Cayman's Girl). I felt like Carrie in the Sex and the City episode when her computer pops up and tells her Aiden is online. She hits the floor and hides under the desk as if he can see her. I felt the same way. Someone out there besides Vivi (my only friend who knows about this blog) had read my blog! A wave of excitement rushed over me as well as a sense of nervousness. I felt the pressure that others may be reading this and that perhaps I should be more entertaining. Then today I posted about my high heeled experience and was pleased to learn I was not alone as 2sense and phoebe commented that they to could understand.

(Stick with me I promise I am on to something here)

Why is it that we will share stuff with complete strangers, my inner most personal thoughts in some cases, that we will not share with our closest friends? I know there are others out there like myself that write anomalously, it is like a blanket that I hide behind. It allows me to be completely innocent and the freedom to not sensor my posts. As I stated above Vivi is my only friend that knows this exits. It's not that I would mind if my other friends read my blog just that I like the fact that it's mine and mine alone - my attempt to tell my side of the story perhaps. I tell how I feel about Big, which they do not know all the factors to that equation as probably no one ever will. I tell my frustrations with X, my excitement of the new, what-ever you would call it, happenings with Fire Guy. And just day to day ramblings. Any way I do feel more comfortable sharing with strangers than people who know me. Odd isn't it? (insert shrug of shoulders here)

Ok that is my pondering for the day - moving on. Lipstick Jungle ~ new season starts tonight! I can't wait! I've heard some people rag on this show but I can't help it I loved it last season! Maybe it was Kirby, who was oh so cute! I mean that smile, those eyes...... ahem moving on........ Maybe it was the way I could relate to Nico and her desire for some flare in her life. Maybe it was the way Wendy took control in her 'jump when I say jump' type of way. Whatever the case I was hooked. Each week Vivi and I would glue ourselves in front of the TV to drool, I mean, watch the plots unfold.

In other exciting news I plan on seeing Fire Guy tonight, and depending on how late the course is open, he may take me to play golf. I have never played before (not to mention I suck at putt putt) but I'm always up for something new. The klutz in me is afraid I may be doomed. But I will remain optimistic.

"People by their nature are always on the lookout for intruders.
Trying to prevent those on the outside from getting in.
But there will always be those who force their way into our lives,
just as there will be those who we invite in...but the most troubling of all,
will be the one's who stand on the outside looking in.
The one's we never truly get to know."
~ Mary Alice, Desperate Housewives ~


phoebe said...

i write mine anonymously as well. none of my friends, minus 1, know about it. i prefer to keep it that way too. like you said. it's sort of a freedom to just write anonymously without a care in the world. i think that if more people that actually knew me read it, i couldn't be as candid and blunt about what i'm thinking. i feel 'safe' that way. you know?

i'm glad i stumbled upon yours :-)

Date Girl said...

It can be so nice writing anonymously. I too enjoy the security blanket it gives me to write uninhibited. Keep it up! You're getting new readers all the time, isn't it a great feeling?

As for Lipstick Jungle, LOVE this show. I would have sucker punched that pregnant adulterer though, I can't believe they just stood there. Seriously? Let me at her.