Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rescue Me

Most girls’ whether they admit it or not are looking for a knight in shining armor. Someone who will come to the rescue and save them in their time of need. Fire Guy seems to be just that. As the storm rolled in I heard a loud pop and yelp from Hyper who was minding her own business on the back porch. I being inside assumed she had gotten into something and knowing her I wasn’t sure what. I ran to the door to find Hyper cowering in the corner. The rain had not yet begun to fall but you could feel the coming storm in the air. As I stood with the screen door open Hyper scurried between my feet and ran to the safety of her bed. I glanced up and there in the driveway was the top of a tree. Upon looking skyward I found the tree it belonged to and it appeared the whole top was now in my driveway. That explained the pop. Not sure if it was knocked off by the wind or if it was hit by lightening. I quickly checked the roof of the house just in case but everything looked ok so I fled the rain and decided the tree could wait till the rain let up or until morning. It was big but I thought I could pick the end up and slide it at least far enough out of the way so I could get out. Yes, I am one of those people that think I can do anything myself.

Well about this time I hear from Fire Guy who says because of the storms he is out getting trees out of the road. I tell him of my tree and he quickly offers to come take care of it for me. All of a sudden I feel like the damsel in distress and I don’t like it. I’m very independent and like to believe I can do anything for myself and very rarely do I actually like to ask for help. So I tell him I can get it. He offers again but stubborn me is convinced I can take care of it myself.

So this morning Hyper and I walk up the driveway to move the tree. Perhaps I should say attempt to move the tree! Up close it was larger and heavier than I expected it to be. As I squatted and lifted with my knees, my wrist screamed with pain. Yeah it still hurts from my run in with the 2x4. I was able to get it just enough out of the way that I could get out and decided I would deal with it later.

Whether being a smart ass or sincere Fire Guy asks this morning if I got the tree moved and I had to admit partial defeat. So he tells me he will come help me move it this evening and this time I don't protest. I mean it’s nice to be rescued everyonce in awhile right?

So far Fire Guy is really nice. But the butterflies just aren't there. Damn Big. Maybe it's to soon to know though. And maybe I'm delussional. How could I go from being so excited about this boy last week to so cool this week? PMS maybe? He's almost everything I said I wanted in a guy..... so why does it seem it is not enough?

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Cayman's Girl said...

Aw its so true!! wether girls admit it or not they want the knight!!!