Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rose Bowl

Yesterday I left work and headed for Vixen's where the food was great and the conversations were wonderful! As I sat with my five best friends around the patio table I didn't think this day could get any better! Our lives can be so hectic it's sometimes hard for all of us to get together. These girls will always come first and at some point over the years we stopped being just friends and became sisters. Of course I am talking about Vixen, Vivi, Blondie, Giggles, and Conscious (check updates with Who's who if you need to). As we sat at the table visiting and laughing Vixen's fiance walked by and made the comment about all of us talking, "this can't be good." And with us he may be right. When we get together we can do anything and we discuss anything and everything from coloring to taking over the world ~ which we have not yet figured out how to do but give us time. :) It was great!

You girls are the loves of her life, a guy is lucky to come in fourth
~ Mr. Big SATC ~

The hours pass to quickly and it is time to head home. Vivi and I sit on the back porch as Hyper runs around the yard attacking anything and everything. Poor strand of Ivy, never saw her coming. And as I said I didn't think this day could get any better..... then my phone went off and the Id showed a number I did not know. Hesitantly I picked up to discover it was Fire Guy! The Rose Bowl was about to come on and he said he was watching it. So Vivi encourages me to invite him over to the house to watch the game with us. Maybe I should point out here that I am sober and Vivi has had a few glasses of wine and is in rare form! So I ask and he says yes! A short time later he gets to the house. I had told Vivi he was cute but she informed me, "he is not cute, he is HOT!!!" So let me say he is the kinda Fire Guy you would let rescue you any day.

Now I will add that Vivi had an interesting day and had locked the keys in her car (to which Don Juan and Big were no help ~ deduction of brownie points). As we watch the game Vivi says something about locking her keys in the car. Fire Guy says he is confident that with a hanger he can get it open. So at half time we grab a flashlight and hanger and head outside. After several attempts he is not successful, but he doesn't give up. He pulls out his cellphone and places a call. Twenty minutes later the keys are out of the car without costing Vivi anything for our stupidity. (Yeah he gets brownie points for getting things done).

Once the game is over he tells us goodnight and I walk him out. He asks when I want to go kayaking (would that be considered a date?) and I tell him anytime just to let me know. He smiles and tells me he'll give me a call. Vivi's advice is I need to fake drowning so he can give me mouth to mouth..... which may not be a bad idea. lol

Either way it was a great day. Hopefully he'll call again and maybe we can hangout. And me kayaking? Yeah that could be a funny experience!
"Hello, 911. I'm on fire!"
Samantha (upon seeing a firefighter) SATC

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