Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tee Time

After work yesterday (I'm sorry I'm always a day behind) I met Fire Guy and we headed to the local golf course. For the record I will state again I have never played "real" golf and I'm not even that good at putt putt, that added with my klutziness I was sure this would equal disaster. But I'm pretty athletic; always been into sports so how bad could it be? At least that is what I told myself. We pulled up to the club house and Fire Guy ran in to get golf balls and tees, then we proceeded to the driving range. Here he explained this would be my first lesson and next time we would actually go out on the course. He started out by hitting a few balls trying to show me form, how to hold the club, etc. With a smile he goes to his golf bag and retrieves a smaller iron (I think that's the right term) and hands it to me. I approach the tee and waiting golf ball cautiously trying to remember all he has told me in the last few minutes......... which while he was talking I was intently watching the birds flying overhead (a little to low) wondering if they ever got hit with a ball and if so would it actually kill them or just stun them........ I tend to drift occasionally. But I got this. I line up the arrow with the ball, swing the club back, and bring it down in one smooth motion making perfect contact with the ball. It goes a little ways, not the high arched - perfect shot - I'd hoped for but not bad for first time. We continued to hit for probably about an hour and minus a few minor goof ups, I did pretty well. I mean I didn't accidentally hit him with a club or anything so I would call it a successful trip......... and I had so much fun!!!

I have to give it to Fire Guy we have yet to go on a traditional date, you know dinner and a movie, but I always have so much fun! He's so laid back and when I did mess up he didn't get mad or frustrated, just laughed with me as I tried again. I like the fact that he doesn't stick with the norm and tries to take me to do new things or things he knows I will enjoy.

After golfing we returned to my house where I planned on cooking him diner. Fajitas. Now I am not much of a cook....... ok perhaps that's an understatement. I CANNOT cook...... I can bake....... cookies, cakes, etc. And I can marinate chicken and bake it (which is pretty much my speciality) but I can't really cook. And my friends love to give me a hard time about this...... oh yes there are stories but I will save those for another day.

I cut the chicken into strips and place it in the sauce and suggest we let it marinate and in the meantime take Hyper for a walk. So with Hyper running happily we walk down the quite road that runs thru my neighborhood. When we return I place the wok on the stove and wait for it to heat up. I have watched Vivi do this before and I'm convinced I to can do this.

[ Upon retelling this story to Vivi ~ she informed me that every cooking story I start out with "I did it the way I've seen you do it" never ends good. ]

Fire Guy is telling me a story and I, thinking the pan is hot enough, pour the chicken in. He makes a noise/smirk as I do this.

Me: "What?"
Fire Guy: "I don't think the pans hot enough."
Me: Puzzled look
Fire Guy: "It needs to get hotter before you put the chicken in or the outside will cook and the inside won't be done and it will overcook."
Me: "Gotcha." I pour the chicken back into the bowl it had been in previously, feeling slightly stupid.

He smiles and we go back to the previous conversation as we wait for the pan to heat to the proper temperature...... still not sure exactly what that is or how to tell. But after a few more minutes I decide its probably good. Before I can pour the chicken in Fire Guy informs me I need to pour a little vegetable oil in the wok. ???????? At this point I laugh, step back and let him do the cooking. And I stuck to what I know how to do..... prepare the side dishes! I made the rice, heated the tortillas, and made the cheese dip. The meal turned out excellent! So at least I know he can cook.......

Also on a side note ~ when we had first arrived at my house he informs me I have a break light out. I already knew this. It had been out for months. I know I need to get it fixed. But it's one of those things you kinda forget about. I know, I know. I tell him I know it's out and been meaning to fix it but (insert trail off here). He smiles shakes his head and turns to walk back to his truck where he retrieves a small tool box. He comes back to the 4Runner, lifts the back gate and removes the tail light. He takes the bad bulb out while telling me he'll pick one up tomorrow and fix it for me. I mean how nice is that?

Fire Guy is a great guy and I do kinda like him....... He's got that 'get it done' personality I have always wanted in a guy. Yet I'm still not ready to fall for him. It's to soon. He is also always such a gentleman. Meaning he hasn't even tried anything (you know what I mean) which for a guy our age is pretty impressive. And no he's not gay, in case you may be thinking that. He's just really respectful. Like he knows I'm not ready therefor just enjoys being with me....... And the problem with all this is X still has my heart. Fire Guy has all the qualities and traits that I longed for X to have plus some yet why do I still miss X? Cause we were together for so long? Habit? I feel like I take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back but that's ok I guess the point is I'm moving forward. And I feel really lucky to have met Fire Guy he's made it easier to move on knowing that there's no pressure and it's just one day at a time.

"That's the thing about needs.
Sometimes when you get them met, you don't need them anymore."
~ Carrie, SATC ~

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phoebe said...

ok. so as you know... i'm new to your blog... and so far i really enjoy it... i just looked over your 'cast of characters' page... how did you do that?? i love it! and also... my puppers is a jack also :-)

so. since i'm new... fire guy... how long have you two been "talking"? btw, don't you love it when a boy wants to help you fix stuff? 'the boy' used to do stuff like that.... *sigh*