Monday, September 29, 2008

Weeked Re-Cap

So Blondie and Vivi left me alone this weekend. Which the last time they did became known as the Lemon Drop Weekend (Not Good). Blondie went to our college teams football game and Vivi went on a family weekend getaway. Left alone and to my own devices I usually get into trouble. Well not trouble per say but interesting predicaments.

Friday night after work I went to the barn to feed horses and then headed home to have a date night with myself. As an only child I relish my alone time. It's my time to unwind. With that in mind I heated up leftover Fajitas for diner and then proceeded to take an hour long bubble bath. Hyper and I watched Chick-Flicks, pigged out, and went to bed early for much needed sleep.

Saturday I worked around the house then met up with Fire Guy to head to Sports Bar to watch our college team game (the one Blondie was at). And the game sucked! We lost so bad it wasn't even funny.

Sunday was a peaceful and relaxing day. It's almost to easy with Fire Guy. A few months ago the thought of dating again scared the crap out of me. I remembered my previous single life and the nervousness that could come along with dating. The not knowing what to say or how to act around a new person for fear of giving them the wrong impression, etc. With Fire Guy there is no stress, no nervous. When did dating get so easy?

Back to Sunday. Fire Guy invited me to come see his family's horses. For the time being they are in training at a barn not far from my house so I accepted the invitation. We arrived at the barn and his dad, step-mom, and sister were already there. Before I know it we are all on horses and going on a trail ride. This was not part of the original plan but made for a great day. After a few hours at the barn his dad asks if we are hungry. Breakfast was a distant memory and the thought of food sounded good.

Less than an hour later we were seated in front of a Hibachi grill ordering Japanese. So here I am seated between Fire Guy and his sister and I realize I'm not freaking. His family is really nice and made me feel very comfortable. Still looking back I feel it's to soon to be spending time with the family. That's what I mean it's to easy. Normally when you go to meet the family it's such a big deal. You want to make a good impression, be dressed just right, I mean it's a whole ordeal. But with Fire Guy it's like things have just went along smoothly, no big ordeals, just smooth sailing. Is this how its supposed to be? Have things changed that much? Or is that I'm just older, maybe wiser, and don't really give a sh*t anymore? Huh. No I do care so maybe just older and a tad bit wiser. After diner we rented movies and returned to the house.

Telling Blondie my reservations about how easy things are she tells me that is the way it should be in a relationship. I was quick to point out we are not in a relationship. She laughed and corrected herself, "well whatever y'all are." She said it should be easy. Are we in a relationship?

Ok I have a confession. Fire Guy stayed with me all weekend from 5 p.m. Saturday till we both left the house for work this morning at 8:30 a.m. I always being the "good girl" growing up am embarrassed to admit this. But heck why should I be? I am a grown woman. And it wasn't a planned thing it just sorta happened. See here is that easy, comfortable thing again. But it was great. I had a great weekend. I'm just not used to it being this easy, I'm still waiting for the bomb to go off. I know I have trust issues ~ Thanks X.

"So we're kissing but we're not dating?"
~ Grey's Anatomy ~

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phoebe said...

first. i love your quotes (at the end of the entries). second. good for you. i'm happy that things are flowing nice and easy. and truthfully. it's the way it should be. i hope it stays that way :-)