Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cold Season is Upon Us

Last night I rushed home to feed and tend to my critters. Giggles niece (who is roughly 22) was coming to town and I was anxious to see her. Giggles and I have practically grown up together so we are pretty much family, in that I attended all of her family functions and she attends the majority of mine. I was looking forward to diner with my extended family and I hurried to get things done so I could meet up with them at sports bar. For diner it ended up being myself, Giggles, Giggles boyfriend, Giggles Mom, Giggles Niece and her fiance, and Blondie. I love spending time with Giggles family because there is always wine, beer, or rum involved and great conversation! After diner we returned to Giggle's parents house. From here Niece kidnapped me to join her on the back porch we were discussed life, love and everything in between. It was pretty cold out but we bared the cold and enjoyed the time together just the three of us. All to soon it was time to say good night.

This morning the alarm went off at 6 a.m. and Hyper looked at me as if I were crazy. I wanted nothing more than to climb back in bed and burrow down in the covers, but the parade beckoned. I threw on clothes and headed for the barn. In the early morning light everything appeared to be so serene. The quietness of night was starting to give away to the noises of a new day dawning. Mom and I loaded the horses on the trailer and headed to town. The morning air was crisp as I rode my horse down a small side street to where the parade would begin. I was cold from my head down to my toes! As I waited with others on horseback I looked at the floats around us. Then I heard my name...... I look around for the source of my name...... then I hear my name again and spot Fire Guy's parents. And they are heading straight for me. His dad and step-mom are so nice. They say hi and they know my mom so they speak with her a minute. And then head for one of the wagons. Should have realized they would be riding today as well since he (Fire Guy's dad) is running for a local political office. I'll admit it was a little weird but they are so nice you can't help but like them.

The parade went well. A lot of smiling and waving. But the cool morning air has given me my first head cold of the season I'm afraid. I feel awful! So I have been laying around hoping to feel better. But after medicine, liquid, and Desperate Housewives I still feel like crap. So reluctantly I asked X for a rain check. I don't feel up to going out, all I really want to do is take some more medicine and curl up and go to sleep. So that is my new plan. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and we will try again.

Monica: "I don't need a tissue! I'm find!"
Ross: "When you put a D at the end of fine, you're not fine."
~ Friends ~


phoebe said...

i hope you feel better!!

love love love love the friends quote (and episode!)

jwriter said...

Stay warm, vitamin C, nyquil, dayquil, and theraflu, some rest, prayer, and good ole relaxation should bring you back to speed. Green Tea with antioxidants is helpful as well. Hope you feel better.