Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life - Moving Fast

The last few days have gone by in a hectic blur. Which is good I like it when life is fast paced! Monday I was so excited that on my last blog one of my favorite authors, Kyra Davis, posted a comment! That made my normal, busy, dreaded Monday worthwhile!

Yesterday I had the day off since I worked Saturday and instead of getting things done (like moving) I went and picked up a new horse. A test drive so to speak. A friend had her and wants to sell her so I went and picked her up and brought her home for a week to see if I like her. It ended up being a waste of time and gas! After twenty minutes I could tell she was not the one for me. Wouldn't it be nice if we could tell the same about guys in such a short period of time? She's pretty and nice but I'm looking for a barrel horse and this little lady was just to slow for my taste. So Saturday I will take her home.

Nothing much new here. Staying busy at work which is great!

And I'm afraid to talk to much about it cause I still don't know where I stand or what the future will hold, but X and I have talked about everyday on the phone. Nice and slow. I guess I want to have the clear conscious that I tried everything to make it work. Just one day at a time. Not much else I can do.

This week seems to be flying by (happy Hump day!). Fall is in full force and Halloween is drawing near. Every year my friends and I get together and have a Halloween costume party. This year will be no different. I have my costume and I am ready!

Sorry for the short post. I promise I'll bring my A game tomorrow :) But for today just a quick update will have to suffice.
"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
~ John Lennon ~


phoebe said...

that was awesome that the author posted on your blog! that would surely have made my day too :-)

when are you moving? are you moving from the house you shared with x?

life sure does move fast. it's mid october already. in one short blink, the new year will be here.

E said...

Yeah I think I mentioned in a previous post..... I'm moving out of the house X and I owned (May have a buyer!!!) and moving back in with my mom (sigh) for the time being. I love my mom but don't want to go back to the nest! lol but it will be temporary. Once the house sells and I pay off a few bills I plan on getting an apartment or something.

phoebe said...

good luck!!! everything will work out the way it's supposed to :-)