Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Trip To Wonderland

Hello, long time no see or should I say read? Sorry I tend to be corny from time to time. Well the work place has been invaded. Gone are the days of blogging at work during my down time. With the combining of two offices my office is now always booming, which is nice, but I had kinda got used to the quiet slow pace. Oh well I'll adapt. I was close with the people I work with and the presence of new people is felt. Today Office Mom (everyone has one) came up to me and commented on how weird it was. The conversations are different each of us watching what we say more, not just blurting out anything and everything. I can't say I like it..... Office Mom and I didn't get to have our normal Thursday dish season, which I always enjoy. I'm sure before long though we will adjust and things will return to normal. Or at least one can hope.

So last Saturday night was THE Halloween party, and fun does not even begin to sum it up. First let me explain my costume. Weeks ago Vixen had the idea us girls (Vivi, Blondie, myself and her) should dress up together as Alice in Wonderland. And somehow in the mix of this she assigned us characters and then ordered the costumes. She was surprisingly take charge this year, which was fine by the rest of us. I was chosen to be Alice but instead of Wonderland I believe I was Alice of Ho-Land my costume was so short! Based on my costume last year Vixen had ordered me an XS which apparently was a.k.a for xtra-slutty. Seriously I put the costume on and it was so short if I bent in any direction my derrière would be hanging out. This inspired me to get creative. I mean I could be embarrassed with my rear end hanging out or I could make it funny. And lets face it I like to make people laugh. So I bought a pair of women’s boxer briefs ~ didn’t know these were made till my trip to Wal-Mart in search of black shorts which in October apparently do not exist. And girls these were really comfortable! I would recommend them. ~ Anyway back to topic so I bought the boxer brief shorts and iron on letters. At Vixen’s we plugged in the iron and waited for it to get hot as we placed the letters on the back of the shorts spelling out Wonderland. Hey if I was going to flash people at least thought I’d let them know they got to catch a glimpse of Wonderland. J It turned out to make for a good laugh. Now the rest of the cast: Vixen was the Queen of Hearts, Blondie was the Mad Hatter, and Vivi was the Rabbit. If I must say we were quite the group of hotties!

The party was fun and full of lots of friends, some I had not seen in quite sometime. I hesitate to tell you how my night ended for once again fear of jinxing myself….. but oh well to this point I have always pretty much bared all with very little digression. As I mingled I felt the vibration of my cell phone. It was a text from X who was at another Halloween party but saying he wished he were at the one I was at. He had been invited but because of our recent past he was afraid to be around my friends, and this I understood because I would feel awkward around his as well. He bit the bullet and showed up only to panic. He stayed a very short time and left. A few minutes later my phone rang, him telling me he really wanted to talk to me. I was torn. The party was winding down and the ones that were staying at Vixen’s were trading their costumes for P.J.’s. I was torn to stay with my friends as planned or to leave with X. But I knew if I was ever going to make it work with X I would have to put him first, something I had never done in our past – my friends had always come first, at least 90 percent of the time anyway. I knew better than to drive so he said he would turn around and come back and get me. I grabbed my over night bag and Hyper (who also enjoyed the party – instead of kid’s me and my friends have dogs) and said my goodbyes. Vixen hugged me tight and whispered her understandings in my ear. No matter weather she agrees with my decisions or not she is always understanding and supportive. I walked to the top of the driveway just as he pulled up.

The ride home was quite, not in an awkward way but in that companionable silence type way. By the time we arrived at the house it was nearly 3 in the morning. To tired to comprehend any serious conversation I slipped into bed. He put on his pajamas and, like old times, climbed in beside me. As he put his arm around me and in the coldness of the night I curled up next to him enjoying the warmth he was putting off. Before I knew it I was in a deep sleep, a deeper sleep than I had known without alcohol or sleeping pills in months.

Late the next morning he drove me back to Vixen’s where everyone was just starting to get up and I did the walk of shame. But I held my head high as I grabbed a pancake and joined the others to eat breakfast. As I sat with my friends laughing my thoughts drifted to how nice it was to have a night with X and if I could do it again I’d do it the same. I hated to admit it though but I was none the wiser on where we stood. I keep hoping that I am older and wiser, yet that does not necessarily seem to be the case.

I have more stories from the week to share, but alas they will have to wait till later ~ Stay tuned!

Bill, "Milt, we're gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage B. We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can get. So if you could just go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific, OK?"
Milton, "Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler..."
~ Office Space ~

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