Friday, October 10, 2008

What Happened to the Answers Being At The Back of the Book?

Remember the good ol days in school when doing math homework and you just couldn't figure out the answer? When lost you could always flip to the back of the book and there the answer was. The problem left then was how to get to that answer. If you have a and c sometimes it's easier to figure out b (a+b=c ~ get where I'm going?) In life wouldn't it be nice if you could flip forward a couple chapters and see the answers to the questions that surround us? I feel like I have a but I'm lost with b and c if only I knew c then I could figure out b which is what I should be doing now. Yeah perhaps the train has jumped the tracks and my metaphors just aren't quite working this morning......

Last night went good. But still not sure where to go from here. Diner was good. We watched a movie. Then due to storms the power went out. After some searching by phone light I was able to find the box the candles were packed up in. So by candlelight we sat on the couch and discussed topics that were perhaps easier discussed in the dim light. But still uncertainty remains on both parts. So many emotions, so many memories, so many factors. So little answers.

Maybe I'm to impatient. I'm ready for the ball to be rolling. I'm ready for life to move forward. But at this crossroad, which way do I go? I keep praying and looking for a clear sign or flashing billboard that says "GO THIS WAY" but as of yet none has appeared. :) So for now I will continue to take it one step at a time.

On to other topics...... today is my Grandpa's 88th birthday! I'm so lucky/thankful he is still around and hope he will be for more years to come. In celebration I'm going out with the family tonight to eat diner. I'm looking forward to and am glad he is around to celebrate another birthday.

Then tomorrow is game day! My team Vs. Vivi's (college football) team. Think we are all going to get together and cookout at Giggles and her boyfriends house. Should be fun.

Also on an interesting side note. Logged onto myspace this morning and had a message from Fire Guy's sister (who is younger). I had met her twice and she is interested in horses and now has her first one but she is still just learning. She told me she missed me. It was really sweet and I felt really touched. Never having siblings myself I always tend to adopt ones along the way. I wrote her back and told her that if she ever needed help with her horse or needed someone to go riding with to let me know. Because if she is interested in horses she's a sweet girl and I remember being that age therefor I'll help her anyway I can. Is that wrong? I mean when you stop seeing someone should you act like people you met thru them also do not exist? I'm to nice. I could never do that.

One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly Or falling in love
It's gonna happen and it's
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time
~ Jordan Sparks ~


jwriter said...

i'm happy to hear dinner went well. Yeah just take your time and think it through. Man I wish the answers were in the back of a book because I'm so confused and the answer has to be there I'm just missing the formula to solve it.

phoebe said...

oh how i wish the answers were in the back of the book too!! it would certainly help me out with my issues. that's for sure!

i'm also glad dinner went well. how was it being with him? comfortable? awkward? hugs? kisses? did it seem like just friends? i'm sorry for all of the questions.