Friday, October 3, 2008

Where Did It Come From?

I have been following Cayman's Girl updates on the The Mystery of the Black Thong each week laughing, along with others I'm sure, of the antics behind the mysterious thong. All the while thinking that I have never had such a random experience......... that is until this morning.

I arrive at work early and I open my center console in search of something. Ok I'm a slacker. It's Friday, I'm going to be the only one in the office till after lunch, so I was hoping to watch this weeks Lipstick Jungle episode (that I missed) while working. I can multitask. So I was looking for my Ipod headset to which I planned on plugging into my computer. Anyway I open the console and there sitting nicely on top of my pile of crap (yes my console tends to be a catch all) is a condom. A lone condom. Huh. It's not mine. So where did it come from?

I pick it up studying it like it's going to tell me it's secret. Ok I cleaned my console out about 2 weeks ago and I know it wasn't there then....... So I call Vivi thinking maybe it's hers. She laughs and asks what kind is it . I tell her and she ponders a moment.

Vivi: "I have some of that brand.......... Maybe it fell out of my purse?"
E: "Ok so how did it get into my console?" [laughter]
Vivi: "Ummmm maybe Fire Guy found it? Maybe that's why he hasn't called." [snickering]
E: "Well it's in a brown wrapper....."
Vivi: interrupts, "Brown? Mine aren't in a brown wrapper."
E: "Then WTF? Where did it come from?"
[more laughter]

Next I call Vixen seeing as she was the last person in the 4runner ~ We went out for drinks last night. I thought maybe she was trying to give the hint I need to get laid or something and this was her way of letting me know. When questioned she also denies ownership but finds the situation quite amusing.

So back to the question. Where did it come from? I mean I don't want to exactly question everyone that has been in my car now do I? And I'm sure your asking, how do you know it's not yours? Well simple I have never in all my years bought condoms. I think that the guy should do that. Ok and I live in a very small town and would die of embarrassment if I ran into some people with a box of condoms in my hand. I know stupid, but a fact. At the house, thanks to Vivi, I do have an emergency stash. But this is not one from that. It may remain a mystery...........

Anyone else ever found anything random that you know wasn't yours?

[Miranda pulls a chain of condoms out of her diaper bag.]
Samantha: Oh, honey, isn't the baby birth control enough?
Miranda: They're Steve's. And Debbie's, his new girlfriend, that's her name. Debbie.
Carrie: Where are they doing it, Gymboree?
Samantha: Debbie does daycare.
[Brady picks up the condoms and puts them in his mouth. Charlotte is horrified.]
Samantha: Oh, honey, relax. I have those in my mouth all the time.
~ SATC ~


phoebe said...

haha. that's actually quite humorous!!

Vivi said...

I maintain, my theroy is that it was left as a replacement!

Cayman's Girl said...

HA HA HA HA That is fabulous!!
In an argument the condom would beat the thong hands down!! :)