Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The End of an Era

This morning I awoke to silence. No pitter, patter of little feet. No whining or demanding from Hyper to go outside. Silence. I have only had her a few months but my world has revolved around her and her puppy needs so much in those few months that in her absence I don't know quite what to do. But before I know it she will be back home just as hyper as ever! Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

Have I mentioned that with the combining of offices my hours have been cut back? If not, they have so I'm off Monday and Tuesdays now. Which suck for my paycheck!! But I have a possible job opportunity in the works. I just have to hold out to December to find out..... so for now I'm watching my pennies. So I was faced today with a free afternoon and a friend in need of a helping hand.

Giggles has officially moved in with her boyfriend (I mean she's been living with him for over a year now). Her house has sold so today we packed. As I looked around her house I remembered the good times we had shared here. Nights of coming home late and just stumbling to make it to the couch. Nights of sitting around the kitchen table with my girls and drinks. Laughter and conversation always filling the air. Midnight snacks, card games, mixed drinks, time with friends. Ah the card games! We always enjoyed a good game of P&A.

Reminds me of times when we were young and carefree. It's the end of an era so to speak. When I said this to Giggles today she laughed and pointed out I'm always the sentimental one! And I hate to admit it but she's right.

After packing the majority of the day we decided we deserved a drink! Sports Bar was closed so we settled for our second favorite, the local Mexican restaurant. We each had a drink and chatted over chips, salsa, and of course cheese dip. Can't have Mexican without the cheese dip!!

It was nice to spend the day with Giggles ~ really helped to get my mind off of all the other things that have been racing thru it lately. Friends are great like that. Sometimes they help you by doing nothing but just being there.

(To Ross, Chandler and Joey)
"Hurry! Monica's going to make you pack! She's got jobs for everyone! Now it's too late for me, but save yourselves!"
~ Phoebe, Friends ~


phoebe said...

any news on hyper? how old is she?

i love your ending quotes. where do you find them all?

E said...

Thanks Hyper is doing ok ~ so far so good! And she is just a little over six months old, so just a baby!

The quotes ~ I google :) I love Friends and Sex and the City so I usually search for quotes from those... or Desperate Housewives. Then just try to find one that applies to my post :) glad you enjoy them!!

jwriter said...

The end of an era, but as long as you're still alive you can always start something new. Nice post. (Hurry home Hyper) :)