Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life's A Dance

Today I got off work and hustled over to Sports Bar for my first night of waitressing. I'll admit I was a little nervous! Yet excited, cause tonight Blondie would also be working the floor with me. Let me tell you I feel so alive and energized! I enjoy the fast paced atmosphere of working at Sports Bar and the people are great! And of course I'm there for less than 30 minutes and who walks in but Fire Guy. I used to never see him anywhere now it seems I run into him at least once a week. He comes up and gives me hug and talks to me by the bar for a minute than goes and joins his friend at one of Blondie's tables. I was relieved that he was in Blondie's section, cause let's face I still feel kinda weird around him. While grabbing drinks Blondie elbows me and gives me the eye. I smile at her but ignore the eye raise and keep going. I wait on my tables and almost forgot he was there until Blondie ask if I will get him a water. I avoid her obvious setup and get the water delivering it with a smile and continue about my tables. Swirling and twirling like a fast paced dance I am learning the steps to.

The night slows down and I stand by the bar keeping an eye on my tables. Fire Guy and his friend get up to leave. His friend smiles, waves at me, says his goodbyes and heads out the door . Fire Guy comes and takes a seat beside where I stand at the end of the bar. We participate in small talk and he asks how my week has been. I tell him about Hyper and he goes from panic (at her being hit), to somber (when I tell him she'll be ok), to anger (as he asks who hit her). He asks which neighbor it is all prepared to go tell them off. I calm him down explaining it was my elderly neighbor who has since stopped twice to check on her. After a few more minutes of conversation the awkwardness seems to come up as he leans over to give me a hug goodbye.

The rest of the night went good and now I am home enjoying the CMA awards! I'm such a music girl... I love pretty much all kinds of music.

Hyper update: I spoke with the vet today and they said she is doing good. She is sitting up on her own which is a good sign, and her surgery was scheduled for today. I did not hear back from them, and I know how busy they are so I didn't call back today. I figured no news is good news. Now just to wait a few more days till she can come back home!

Yes, I enjoy working at Sport Bar. It helps keep my mind off of X for a short time and all the craziness of everyday life. And it's nice to earn a little extra money! Life's a dance sometimes it's a slow one, sometimes it's a fast one but slowly I'm learning the steps.

"Life's a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow, don't worry about what you don't know, life's a dance you learn as you go..."
~From John Michael Montgomery's, Life's A Dance ~

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jwriter said...

Fire Guy, new job, and Hyper. You have a lot going on. I'm happy to read that you enjoy your new job and that you also get to work with a friend lol. Hope things continue to go in your favor.