Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Your Alive?

Yesterday seemed to be a day of surprises.... Last night I was in the bed and my phone goes off. Big's name flashes on the screen. I lay there not surprised in the least. Because I forgot to mention that yesterday on my drive to work I glance in the rear-view mirror only to see Big's Jeep with of course Big behind the wheel. And you know the great part? I felt nothing! Yep even the sixteen year old girl within me has let that crush go. I never thought I'd be able to say that. And it's great!! I just wish I could go back and redo this year. I wish I would have never been fooled by the empty promises and that the sixteen year old girl within would not have been blinded by what might have been. But we live and we learn.

Anyway it's a text inviting me to come over and drink and hang out with him and Don Juan. Mind you it's 11:45 p.m. on a Wednesday night when I have worked two jobs and want nothing more than a good nights sleep. So I reply saying thanks maybe next time. I then find out why I have not heard from Don Juan in a few months... I mean no Sunday Movie night in forever! Due to lack of work, and to save money he shut his cellphone off. Nice to know they are alive but honestly I was kinda disappointed to find out they weren't rotting in hell as I had hopped (Sorry that was mean ~ but I'm always nice).

"If I went over there I'd be ignoring the one thing she asked me to do when we broke up, jump up my own ass and die."
~ Ross, Friends ~


Vivi said...

I too wish they were rotting in hell. It would make both of our lives much easier! Though, if Don Juan haunted my dreams any more than he already does I really don't think I'd sleep! :) -Love you!

jwriter said...

That last sentence was harsh lol. Well it sounds as if you were able to finally but that relationship behind you and you have a new found sense of strength because you've healed. That's a great thing.