Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girl's Night

Let me start off by saying it's great to have a cosmetologist for a best friend! Saturday night as we get ready to go out Blondie takes over and with a few sweeps of her magic makeup brush and some swipes with a straightener I am transformed into a sleek, single goddess. For the Girls Night Out it was Blondie, Vivi, and myself and with Vixen MIA this weekend Alice was thrilled to take her ticket. We arrived at the club, the line to get in was backed up down the sidewalk, people huddled close together trying to stay warm from the cold night air. Looking at the line and the people waiting to get in I was thrilled we would not be joining it. As we walked past the line and straight to the door Blondie gave the guy her name, quick scan at the list, and we were in. So far, so good! The night is still a little early but the place is already swarming with people. We are served drinks and we wander around checking out the place ~ within the club there are 5 bars, each strategically placed so that it is always convenient to order a drink.

Vodka/Redbull in hand I follow my girls out on the dance floor. The night passes quickly and the drinks go down way to easy. The celeb of the night arrived and we had a chance to meet her briefly. An interesting point in the night but far from the highlight....

At one point in the night Blondie spots this guy with a huge Afro, laughing she says we have to get a picture with him. Not being the one afraid to talk to anyone she beelines towards him and his friends where after some conversation Blondie, Vivi, and I posed with him for a quick pic.

Mingling I spoke with a lot of different people, one guy in particular was relentless actually seeming interested and asking questions. At first glance he didn't seem my type (his friend sure did though! ( So @ 24 this made me think of your posts and if this is what you go thru I'm sorry!!!) but heck thus far my type has not been so nice to me. So in my stupor (this was several drinks later) I participate to the best of my ability in conversation. Vivi and Blondie said I had the beer goggles on. Alice said he was cute. When in doubt take a pic so you can decide later! Which is what I did. And since his worthiness was up for debate when asked for my number I went ahead and gave my real number (when in doubt I give Vixen's..... she used to do this to me all the time and now its time for paybacks on my part!). After reviewing the pictures I think the guy is not as bad as Vivi and Blondie made it out to be. But we all have our own tastes so to each their own.

Overall it was a fun night! And due to sleep deprivation this post is probably not as entertaining as it should be! Hyper did not understand though this morning at the crack of dawn when I tried to explain patiently to her I required more sleep. Head spinning I peak open an eye to find her sitting on my chest a toy in her mouth. Still feeling slightly intoxicated I try to coax her back to sleep. She won't have it demanding to go outside. 30 minutes later I crawl back in bed and turn on the TV. Hyper sits in the middle of the bed watching as FRIENDS comes on the screen. Yes she likes to watch TV. As the episode comes on she lays down and is soon back to sleep. I on the other hand cannot drift back off. Ahh the joys of having a puppy!

"If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night... your friends."

~ Carrie, SATC ~

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