Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lemon Law

Why is it human nature to want what we can't have? Or better yet why is it that we get what we don't want? Or many want is a strong word.... perhaps need would be more appropriate. Why is it we get what we don't need?

As I've said before I live in a rather small town. One in which everyone knows everyone, or so it seems at times. So what do you do when you live in a small town and someone asks you out that you really don't want to go out with? I mean I know these guys (yes this is plural), we've grown up together. They're nice.... just I don't know.... not really my type. For the past few weeks I have had two guys asking me out. They are both nice guys.... the problem is they are in the friend box. Meaning I just don't look at them in that way. I see them as just that - friends.

But if I turn them down will it mean every time I see them out (which I will) it will be weird and not as it is now? Or do I go on a date with them and then everytime I see them after that avoid them cause I really don't want to go out again??? I mean if this were a big city I'd say what the hell and go because chances of seeing them would not be as high. But one I see nearly once a week as it is. I'm way to nice and don't like to hurt people's feelings. So far (luckily) I always have plans for when they ask me out. But what happens when the day comes I don't already have plans?

I think my new rule needs to be ~ only date people from out of town!!!

I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I'm thankful to be asked out (I guess). It's just I really don't want to hurt either of their feelings!! And why is it then the guys you don't really want to call do and the ones you want to call don't? Take Cute Smile Guy (the stranger I gave my number to) yeah he called!! He left a message. Taking Vixen's advice I decided to wait and call back the next day, she said if I called back right away I'd look desperate. So I call back.... leave message.... never hear back. Damn dating games! Maybe I can envoke the "Lemon Law"...... hmmm......

"You know what the dating world needs? A "Lemon Law.""

~ Barney, How I Met Your Mother ~
[ The Lemon law for dating was created by Barney when he realized that the world of dating needed a way to easily exit a date that clearly would not go well. The lemon law must be engaged within the first five minutes of the date by informing the other partner that they have been "lemon lawed" or "I'm going to have to lemon law you". The person being lemon lawed understands that there is no hard feelings and their participation is appreciated. ]
(taken from Wikipedia)


jwriter said...

Lemon law lol. I can't comment because I think I am the guy that's nice but just good as a friend. [Typed with a sad face lol]. Well hopefully they will understand; no one wants to be with someone if they really don't feel the same way? Right?

So@24 said...

Sounds good.

Now I just need a date to test this theory out

Date Girl said...

I grew up in a really small town and it was a well known rule that I didn't date anyone from my hometown. You're right-you will run into them and it will be awkward. Plus if its anything like my home, other people will gossip about how you broke the guy's heart.
You definitely need to listen to your gut and be honest with yourself. You're just not into them. They'll appreciate your honesty and the fact that you didn't give them false hope.