Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lets Talk About........ Coloring!! *wink, wink*

First and foremost if you are not familiar with the term "coloring" please watch the below video.

So normally I am very shy and refrain from this type of conversations (at least in blogging) but after reading So@24 's post, The Pep Talk, I'm feeling a little brave. In that I will allow you for a moment to enter the mind and conversations that us girls tend to have from time to time.

One night when gathered with my girl friends the topic turned to coloring. One friend (names will be left out) whispers to me that she has only slept with one person, her now fiance.... As she says this several thoughts run quickly thru my head:

  • Wow that's great! I wish I could say that

  • Wait but that would mean my first..... oh no, no, no

  • Then that mean's I'd never have colored with........ and that was so worth it!

Then she continues, "It's just I really don't want to color that often. I just don't really care."

"Then your not doing it right," I reply jokingly (well halfway) we giggle and quickly hush as others start to notice our private conversation. For the time being our interaction was over but my mind had yet to drift.

With the wrong partner coloring..... can be well.... be just coloring; a habit, routine, just something you do with your significant other when in reality you could think of a million other things to be doing. As a girl you want to be intimate with your guy so you enjoy it in that aspect.... but well it's just not that important to you. ~~~~ Then the right guy comes along and *bam* you realize what it is you've missing!!

Come on I'm not crazy, I know you know what I'm talking about. Not to say I'm an expert. My number is fairly low. But I've been where she is. And I guess I'm sad for her in away. Living without knowing how great coloring can be. She may never know what she is missing..... yet she also doesn't realize there is something to miss. Maybe ignorance is bliss. I'm not saying she needs to find a new guy to do that..... I need to hush before I just go ahead and choke on my foot......

"When Big colors... he rarely stays within the lines."

~ Carrie, SATC ~


phoebe said...

lol. i'm glad i finally saw that movie a few weeks ago. haha.

i think that for girls. it's also a matter of age. when girls get older, they seem to reach their peak, where as boys start younger with that. but i also do agree that you (a general you, not you specifically) need to find the right person. one should def be able to enjoy that aspect of a relationship. and not have it seem like a chore.

jwriter said...

Well I can't wait to color with my wife and create different pics everytime. You know you can do a lot of things when you get creative with your coloring lol. No seriously coloring is a beautiful thing when both parties are willing to try new coloring techniques and willing to color outside the lines from time to time. LOL! Great post I want to be cool like you and SO@24. Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing me love.

jwriter said...

Coloring should never be a chore or a burden, but if it does it may be time to go to a coloring store and refresh the crayon box and coloring book. LOL