Thursday, February 5, 2009


So like a virus the "25 Things" post has spread on Facebook like wildfire!! I've been putting it off and putting it off but after being tagged several times I figured what the heck and gave in and posted it. And of course while writing it I could not think of anything to say, but once done I thought of all the things I should have said. Isn't that how it always goes! But really how honest are we on these sorta things? I mean I told 25 things but of course I was perhaps not as honest as I should have been. So here under my blanket of anonymity I will tell my 25 "truths" per say.

  1. At 26 I am no where near where I thought I would be in life; I have yet to take life by the horns and make things happen in my career. Instead I just seem to have the cruise control set.
  2. I miss living alone.
  3. I took everyone's advice last week and told X to never call me again........ I wish I could say I haven't spoken to him since but still trying to tie up lose ends with the house.... well you see where this is going..... he has called....... But today, ah today I stood up to him and stood my ground. All over a wooden block full of knives (you know what I'm talking about? One that sits nicely on the kitchen counter?). Anyway I stood my ground and wouldn't let him have them. Petty? Perhaps.... but when you consider how much money and all he owes me and the fact I bought them.... no its not petty. I was nice about it and told him he could have our other set of knives but not that one. I could tell he was mad.
  4. Being me, the person who always wants everybody to be happy and get along, felt bad and almost called him back and told him he could have the knives. But I didn't. Haven't heard from him sense. Very childish on his part. Perhaps this will make him stop calling.
  5. I'm tired of stressing about money and the lack of it.
  6. Some days I wish things could work out with Mr. Big ~ other days I'm thankful they haven't.
  7. Rock Of Love is one of my weaknesses (it's like a train wreck ~ poor Brett when's he ever going to learn).
  8. I'm ready for summer and everything that goes along with it! Warm weather, flip flops, road trips, etc.
  9. I worry about my little brother (he's not really my little brother but may as well be) who leaves for the Army in June.
  10. Secretly I want to take Trouble up on his offer and get on a plane and go spend a week at the beach.
  11. I realize that even though I have gotten older the guys that hit on me have stayed the same age...... I take it's because I'm short I do look younger than I am.
  12. Is it bad I have even considered going out with one of these younger boys? In my defense I thought he was older than he was till just a few days ago..... well that goes for 2 of them.
  13. Some days I'd like to pack my bags in the car and just drive. No plan. Nothing. Just see where I end up. And start over from there.
  14. I'm ready to have a family and kids (Vivi is thinking I'm crazy right about now as she reads this).
  15. I think I'm starting to like beer, which I hate to admit, but oh how I miss rum!!
  16. I'm not really sure I'm ready to date. Someone told me it would take me 2 and 1/2 years to get over X. That scares the hell out of me. I know its like when you fall off a horse the best thing to do is get back on..... But since Fire Guy I haven't even really met a guy I would want to go on a date with. Is it that I'm scared of getting hurt? Or that I miss X?
  17. I think some of my earlier posts were more entertaining and insightful than those I have written in the past few months. Ready to get out of this funk I've been in. Maybe I need a vacation...... or just the money to pay for a vacation........
  18. I miss nights with "the boys" (Don Juan, Big, Trouble, Lil Bro, and random Guy Friends).
  19. I went back and bought the black heals (and they were on sale even more).
  20. Out of all the guys I've ever dated Fire Guy was the nicest and I miss hanging out ~ He always took me to do the most random, fun stuff! Had we met at another point in my life I think I may have considered him a worthy candidate for a long term relationship
  21. I tell everyone my magic number is 4 ~ really it's 6 but I think 2 cross each other out. Either way Vixen and I refuse to go above 10 and last year I was to broken-hearted/trying-to-rebound and didn't handle Crown to well on an occasion. Besides if I don't remember it, it didn't happen or if it did it obviously wasn't that good therefor it shouldn't count. At least that is what I will go by and refuse to admit to what may or may not have been a drunken night escapade.
  22. There is a museum exhibit I'm really wanting to go see and I have a feeling I will have to sucker someone into going with me soon.....
  23. I realized yesterday that my size 4 jeans are becoming to lose and that I may have to go back down to a size 2. Most girls would be thrilled with this.... me not so much. For one I don't have the money to buy new jeans and two I'm happy the way I am. This sounded really crazy but hey I warned you 25 random things.
  24. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to let some of my friends read this blog.... mainly Vixen and Conscious. But I know if I do I would stop being as honest.
  25. I want to be swept off my feet.

"I'm not good or real...I'm evil, and imaginary."

~ Karen, Will & Grace ~


phoebe said...

i too have been ignoring the 25 things list... perhaps your idea of doing it here, under anonymity, is a good one...

Gracie said...

Good list! Mine is totally not that deep! But I did put it on my blog as well as FB!