Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, even as I type that I can hear the Dun, Dun, Dun sound effect playing thru my mind. I know the superstition is that Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky and some people believe this. But not I ~ I dare to be different. I view it as a lucky day. Why? Because it's rare and not the norm perhaps. And weird things tend to usually happen on these days. You never know what to expect.

For example as I sat at work trying to not think about how this would be my first Valentine's alone in years I see a woman coming towards the office. In her arms is a huge bouquet of flowers.... I see my favorite lily's among them and know it can't be coincidence. They must be for me. And they are..... as the lady hands them to me I eagerly take the card out from amongst them curious to see who they are from. I expect them to be from my mom.... my dad always sent me flowers for V-Day.... but they are from Babbles and her husband. So thoughtful and so beautiful! I almost cry as I read the card. You know I am very lucky. I may not be lucky in love but I have the best luck when it comes to friends. Cause I truly have the best there is! Without Vivi, Vixen, Blondie, Babbles, Giggles, Conscious, Punk-Rock-Chick, and Alice life would not be nearly as interesting!

The day was going great. It was beautiful outside and with the great weather I was in a great mood. Wow that was alot of great! :) After work I headed to Sports bar for yet another night of work. While I stand at the bar pouring a beer I feel my phone vibrate in my apron. It's the guy I met on the VIP night calling. For the past week we had played phone tag. He would call, I'd call back somehow always missing each other. To busy to answer this time was no different. And I went about the night not thinking much of it. The night was slow and I was out of Sports Bar by 11:30. Realizing I had nothing to lose I decided to call the Guy back, not really expecting him to answer. To my surprise he does. He's actually at work....... I know he told me what he did that night but in my vodka haze I'll be honest I was so not even paying attention........ He's an EMT and is on call. Which he explains that tonight translates into sitting in an ambulance waiting for trouble to strike. Its a slow night and he exits the vehicle to continue his conversation with me in semi-private. What I expected to be a short talk turned into 1 am me looking at the clock thinking I need to go bed and him actually getting a call and having to go to rush off to the scene of an accident.

See anything can happen on Friday the 13th ~ you never know what surprises are in store. The Guy seemed really nice. It was weird kinda getting to know someone who I know nothing about or don't know someone who knows him. He is from further south and out of range of my small town gossip reach. I have never dated a guy that was a complete stranger. Is that weird? Even Fire Guy who I didn't really know, I knew who he was and knew people who did know him. Also he knew some about me and X therefor it was kinda easier to have that awkward conversation. But with a stranger how do I admit what I see as my biggest failure... the fact that at such a young age I am divorced? I mean I know it wasn't like me and X just rushed into marriage or anything. But still it feels like a brand on my body showing that something has to be wrong with me for the failure.

When he asked about my last relationship I told him how long it was and a general of why we split but I didn't say that we were married. I don't feel I know him well enough to tell him that and divulge such personal information. But this made me ponder the question; how do you tell someone that? and when is the right time? Vivi said three dates. That is a good general rule I guess. But I feel like waiting to tell is similar to lying. Jeez I over-analyze things way to much!

"I'm going to get Jake but I leave the front door unlocked in case Satan shows up to collect your soul."
~ Alan, Two & a Half Men ~


phoebe said...

that is so sweet that your friends sent me flowers. the vday that jolly green left, my good friend and her hubby had flowers sent to my office. it just brings a tear to your eye to know that you have such great friends.

Date Girl said...

Awww what a great friend! I love that they sent you flowers. Last year when I was single, my best girlfriend sent me an adorable card and it brightened my otherwise dreary Valentine's day. Good friends really get you through it!