Monday, February 23, 2009

Still Not Ready

So I ran into X this past weekend. With the new girl. Well "ran into" may be a strong word. In reality I entered the bar after work Friday with GirlFriend, Alice, and Punk-Rock-Chick almost immediately I am warned by another friend there that the pair is in the vicinity. As the words leave her mouth I see them out of my peripheral vision... something that after playing basketball for so many years still tends to come in handy. I see her crane her neck to see me, he has already spotted me. I never look their way. I smile to my friends and thru gritted teeth say I think I need to go. With as much grace as I can muster I fight the urge to run from the bar in tears and calmly make my exit with GirlFriend by my side. I left because I wasn't ready. I left because I was almost embarrassed to be in the same room with him. I left because the site of him still makes me want to cry. I also left out of what little once of respect I have left for him.... I did say little...... In that he has respected my wishes by not coming in Sports Bar when he knows I'm working or by showing up at other places he knows I'll be. So I kinda looked at it like he was there first. Besides the bar was empty 15 people there tops. If it had been a larger crowd I might have stayed...... but with no crowd to disappear into....

Friday was a weird day anyway.

Marine is back from Iraq!! He is so happy to be back and is wanting everyone to go out this coming up Saturday. Half of our small town will probably be there, which will include X along with several of my friend's X's I'm sure. So mentally I have been trying to prepare for this would be run in. If it weren't for Marine I probably wouldn't go. He is so excited to be home and when he requested I come it wasn't so much of a question as a "you better be there". Therefor I will hide my uncertainties and go. But I will look extra good just in case!


Halt! Wait! Hold the Presses!

Just found out X will probably not be there ~ his cousin is getting married..... didn't realize that was this weekend!! Wooooo Hooooo! Thanks Vivi! That just made my day! Now I can look forward to going out with my friends and not have to worry about any uncomfortable, awkward moments!

Carrie, "So you're a pessimist, right?"

Miranda, "Have we met?"

~ Sex & The City ~


jwriter said...

Time heals all wounds at least that's what I have heard.

phoebe said...

i agree... again... at least that's what i've heard too. i probably would have done the same thing as you.

Unwritten said...

Unfortunately my first and only run in with my X and his new girlfriend didn't go as well. I wish I could have handled things as gracefully as you.