Tuesday, February 17, 2009

V-Day Recap

This year I think I may have had one of the best Valentine's days ever. There was no expectations therefor no disappointment. When in a relationship Valentines day is always built up to be one of the most romantic days of the year..... at least in a female mind, what can I say we can be easily wooed and awed by commercials. Therefor we expect it to be a romantic day. And it doesn't take money to create romance. It's the thought that counts. But guys from what I have gathered just don't get it. I mean to them its just some holiday that makes them buy some pointless item to show a girl he likes her, which if he truly does like her he shows her everyday anyway. So on this day every girl expects her guy to be prince charming..... which he very rarely is.

So this year I got to listen to several trivial problems my girlfriends encountered with their not so quite prince charmings. If this was any other day of the year they both would have realized they were being crazy and the guy really didn't do anything wrong. This year I enjoyed my day of being single by going to work, meeting Vivi at Vixen's where we drank a beer and played some Rock-Band, then we got ready for a night out.

We get ready and head south. We arrive at the club where we quickly meet the DJ's that are there for the night hosting the V-Day party. These are the DJ's we won the VIP tickets from a few weeks back so we introduce ourselves as the winners and they start talking to us about the event. This ensues to them offering us free drinks from their private table. Of course I got to hear the fair share of lame pick-up lines...... these will one day become a post of their own.

As we get ready to leave the Guy calls, just leaving another club he and his friends had had tickets to, wanting to meet up. It's late we're hungry so we agree to meet up for food. Vivi and I though need directions. He gives the phone to his friend and I give mine to Vivi. After what seemed like a minute but in reality was probably about ten Vivi hangs up the phone with a snarl and tosses it in my general direction. We have been in a circle, she is frustrated. "We are going North." she simply states. When she has that look I know better than to protest, even for Paul Walker would I be afraid to protest. So as my phone rings and I answer it to the a voice asking me why he had been hung up on I explain that their directions were not so good and that we were headed home. The Guy was nice. Even called to make sure we made it home ok (we had a little over an hour drive home). Overall it was a great V-Day!

And let me state here for the record, Bare Minerals has some industrial strength eyeliner! I don't really wear much make up so anytime we go out Vivi or Blondie always glam me up a bit. For Saturday I went for the rockstar eyes, a great look. Sexy and smokin hot might as well be guaranteed on the box! I close my eye and with a few quick sweeps Vivi lines my eyes with the black pencil. The result was great! At 4 am when we finally drug ourselves home, I went to the bathroom to wash my face before crashing. I pull out the bottle of eye make-up remover and splash some on a cotton ball and sweep it over my eyes. The cotton ball is black but my eyes are still perfectly outlined. I open the drawer and pull out a Q-Tip which I did in the solution and rub over my eyes. Once again the line remains....... huh............ ok........... I take my wet wash cloth and run it over my entire face enjoying the warmth. My face is bare of all makeup..... but the eyeliner. I give up.

I went to bed figuring I'll worry about it the next day. The next day I get up wash my face again. The eyeliner remains. I take a shower and of course wash my face. I get out of the shower and a glance in the mirror shows the black lines still there. Ugh! I give up and put on make-up. This is day 2 mind you.

Day 3: Monday Wake up take a shower. Once again take eye make-up remover on a Q-tip and trace around my eyes. Like before some comes off but still the black lines remain. WTF is this stuff made of???!!! I throw on mascara and the liner is perfectly in place as if I had just put it on. Monday night I get home and after much more scrubbing another layer of liner comes off. By this morning morning it all finally seems to be gone. Rockstars party hard, guess they expect the eyeliner to as well.

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I'm just a girl who wishes for the world.”

~ Marilyn Monroe ~

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Vivi said...

I actually didn't use the Rock Star eyeliner on you because I was afraid I would get it everywhere--that was Avon darlin! Cheaper and just as good! LOL Invest! ;) Can you tell I don't want to go to work? It's 8am and I haven't even began makeup, clothing, hair... I'm sitting here in my pjs!