Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beer Before Liquor Never Sicker......

Blondie: How was last night
Me: Before or after I puked in a Dr Pepper Bottle?


I arrived at Vixen's house after work. We had some time before we had to be ready so we drank a few beers and Vivi, Vixen and myself took turns battling at SingStar. I had some reservations about the night knowing it would be a big crowd (some friends, some foes) coming together to celebrate Marine 1 and Marine 2 being home from Iraq.

Our ride arrived and the 3 of us piled in the back of the Tahoe. We had pre-gamed fairly well and I could feel my slight buzz as we headed south. We arrived at the club and quickly hugged Marine 1 and Marine 2. I was so glad that they were home safe. Soon there was a beer in my right hand, a shot in my left. Mistake Number 1. A toast was made and down the hatch. Soon we hit the dance floor and the time started to slip away.

As I danced with Marine 2 I glance to my left and see Vivi and then I notice who she is dancing with.... Fire Guy. It took all I had not to laugh, cause Vivi has never been his biggest fan so it was amusing. I was happy everyone was getting along and having fun. We all continued dancing and I knew I had had a little to much to drink when I suddenly realized I was no longer dancing with Marine 2 but with Fire Guy. Ah well. The beer was flowing way to smoothly and I should have known better than to take the shots that kept being offered to me. Should have. I have always been able to hold my liquor. This was my first night out really, seriously drinking beer. Normally my poison of choice is vodka. It never does me wrong. But the beer, Jager, and Crown.... well not so much.

The night became a blur, some of which I don't really remember. Which may be a good thing. I don't remember leaving the club. Laughing with GirlFriend about the night. Nor do I remember much of the ride home. I do remember closing my eyes trying to breath calmly, I can feel my stomach churning. I'm in the back. Of a brand new Tahoe. Brand new in that friends parents own a Chevy dealership and let us take it off the lot for the night out so we could all ride together and have a DD. In my drunken stupor I know it's coming. I know there is no time to get stopped and me get over the 3 people I would have to go around to get out of the car. In the back with me is a half bottle of Dr. Pepper. You see where this is going. So I puked in the Dr. Pepper bottle. Yeah. Apparently that took talent. I am so not proud. This is why I normally try to refrain from drinking mass quantities when going out. Because one can easily make an ass of themselves. Which I'm sure I did.

This morning Vivi shined a little light on Vixen and myself's lack of knowledge of the night before. Vixen kissed a random person. And I, well I threw up at the club as well. Great. I am so embarrassed. That is very out of character for me. I never get sick. Nor do I ever drink so much when out that my memory is fuzzy (or absent).

Lesson of the night: when going out if going to drink stick with liquor. Beer may be cheaper but the repercussions are costly. And so not worth it.

What was I thinking?

Ted, "How quickly you all forget! I haven't puked since high school. I am vomit-free since '93! Vomit-free...since '93; that's funny, I'm funny!" [opens cell phone]
Lily, "Who are you calling?"
Ted, "Robin."
Marshall, "Whoa, bad idea jeans."
Barney, "No no, it's a great idea. That's the whole point of getting drunk; you do things that you'd never do in a million years if you were sober."

~ How I Met Your Mother ~

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phoebe said...

eek. i hope the hangover wasn't too bad ;-)

at least you had fun prior. haha