Friday, March 6, 2009

Still To Young To Care

Wednesday night I was scheduled to work the bar at Sports Bar. As I walked thru the doors and tied the black apron around my waist I knew I was in for an interesting night. It was the feeling in the air. Something was brewing. I wasn't sure what but like a storm on the horizon I could sense its presence.

The storm blew in a few hours later in the form of Marine1 and his group of buddies. With a sly smile and a quick hug, the round of shots were poured. The place was packed, with a smile and quick hand I did my best to keep up. The drinks were ordered for Marine1 round after round.

"You got a ride?" I asked him already knowing the answer.
Grinning ear to ear, "It's ok I'll find one."
"I'm not letting you drive."
"I know."

As I closed up Marine1 and Guyfriend walked down the block to the next bar. When I got there to meet them they already had a drink waiting on me. With a shake of my head I slid up onto the stool.

Marine1, "Let's go south."
Me, "Really?"

I place a quick call to GirlFriend to see if she is up for going on a late night road trip. With a laugh she says she's in. So we sit and wait on her. Marine1 and Guyfriend are in heavy conversation and the guy to my left starts trying to hit on me. Its been a long night. I'm not really in the mood. I smile politely and decline the offer for him to buy me a drink. I tell him I'm the DD and motion to my Dr. Pepper. I turn away thinking he will get the hint. He has had one to many to drink though and does not. He continues on. I still try to be nice but I take my right arm and intertwine it through Marine1's who is standing on the other side of me still in conversation with Guyfriend. I'm not with Marine1 by any means but I hope this gesture will make this random guy think I am and leave me alone. Marine1 turns to look down at me. I smile but motion with my eyes. He understands and puts his arm around me and leans over and introduces himself to the guy. He rotates me smoothly placing himself between me and random guy. I'm now in between Marine1 and Guyfriend. Guyfriend and I meet eyes and laugh as we hear the guy apologize to Marine1 for hitting on me. The guy than apologizes to me. I smile, no harm done and the 3 of us go back into conversation while we wait on GirlFriend.

Marine1 goes to the restroom and Guyfriend walks away talking on the phone. Drunk guy starts to hit on me again. You've got to be kidding. At this point he is being plain rude. My niceness starts to fade away as his flattery turns to insult when I tell him I am leaving with my two guy friends. He makes a comment and I do all I can to remain calm, I can sense my Irish temper wanting to lash out. Marine1 returns hearing the last comment and seeing the look on my face he raises himself to full height and clenches his fist (he's a pretty big guy, if I were a guy I'd be scared of him). I quickly grab his arm trying to calm the situation down. Drunk guy continues his drunken ramble and challenges Marine1 to a shot contest, so to speak. Yeah guys are dumbasses. Marine1 winks at me. "Put your money where your mouth is." He says pulling out a hundred dollar bill.

The end result drunk guy lost a hundred bucks in less than a minute. If he would have been nice I would have told Marine1 to give him the money back. But as GirlFriend arrived and we rose to leave he made one final pass at me that erased any guilt I may have felt for letting Marine1 take his money. "You know you should be a little nicer." I said turning to walk away. He slurred something else and Marine who had been infront of me turned around. I could tell his tolernace level for this guy was gone.

"Apoligize right now." He said facing me but looking over my head at the drunk guy.
I walked straight into him wrapping my arms around him in a hug. "He's drunk and not worth it. Let's just go." I could feel the rage in him at the thought of letting the drunk guy talk to me that way. "Look at me." His eyes drifted down for a moment. "It's ok." I let him go and stepped back.

He took my hand. "You shouldn't talk to a girl like that." He called to drunk guy, "And your lucky cause she just saved you." I didn't look back but pulled on his hand keeping a tight grip on it till we were outside.

The 4 of us stand a moment in the parking lot GirlFriend said she will drive down and we can take her car.

"Nope we're taking my car." Marine1 says walking toward the beautiful black mustang.
"Can you drive a 5 speed?" I ask GirlFriend.
She nods yes but the look on her face isn't as convincing and Marine1 tosses me the keys. With that decided GuyFriend and GirlFriend climb into the backseat.

I push in the clutch and turn the key. The cobra rumbles to life. Ah got to love good ol American muscle. Yeah I do not need a sports car. I would get in so much trouble! Way to much fun to drive!! I did receive on of the best compliments I think I have ever gotten though. I was told I do not drive like a girl and I drive a mustang how one is supposed to be drove. Yeah I love mustangs.

We arrive at one of our favorite haunts were the other 3 grab drinks and I order another round of Dr. Pepper. The two guys start playing pool and GirlFriend and I stand to the side watching. We laugh, play pool, and take funny pictures to document Marine1's time home.

Before long we are back in the car heading toward home. And no late night is complete with out a stop at the Waffle House. After eating I drop GirlFriend off and then drop Marine1 and Guyfriend off at Marine1's house. They both hug me and I try to explain to Marine1 where I am going to leave his car and that I will have the key. He laughs and leans down to hug me, "E I love ya but I'm not going to remember that in the morning so I'll just call you." I shake my head and laugh knowing he is right.

I exchange his car for my own and head toward the house. I walk thru the door at a little after 4. I set my alarm for 7. I have to be at work in just a few short hours.

I'm old enough to know better, still to young to care. Plus Marine1 is only home for a few weeks, then he goes back to base, then from there back to Afghanistan. So it is hard to tell him no. I consider the "what if's" to much. I want to hang out with him every chance I get because what if something happens and he doesn't come back...... I don't want to think about that but you can't help it. I've known him since I was 6. I just don't want to have any regrets. And with Marine1 it's always fun and you never know where your going to end up.

"Dude it's not going to be just like last time."
~ Chandler, Friends ~

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