Monday, April 6, 2009

Coming Out of My Shell.......... slowly

As I stood at work Saturday night at Sports Bar my phone vibrated in my apron signalling the arrival of a new text message. In my moment of down time I pull it out and open the message. Its from JC inviting me to a cookout/house party. I reply that I am at work but thanks for the invite. He tells me to come out when I get off work. I don't know the person who's house it is at nor do I think I will really know anyone else there so I reply with a noncommittal - "I'll call you when I get off work."

Few hours later I am leaving work and not in the greatest of moods. It had been a long day. Friday and Saturday I worked both day job and at Sports Bar so I was in desperate need of some weekend fun. It was nearly midnight as I drove home. Girlfriend that I work with at Sports Bar had already gone home so no going out with her for a drink and everyone else was busy. Halfway home I decide I could really go for a laugh and a drink. So I throw caution to the wind and call JC. He says yes that he is still at his friends and for me to come over. I ask who is there, he names off about eight names ~ none of them I am familiar with. Then I do something so not me.... I tell him I will be there in 10 minutes.

I can be very shy at times and rarely step out of my comfort zone (but I'm working on it). Meaning I don't tend to go to group gatherings if I don't know anybody there. But the new me is trying to get out of my shell (as Girlfriend put it). I won't lie I was a little nervous. I turn in the subdivision and call JC back like he said to do and as I pull into the driveway he is standing waiting on me in the front yard. I didn't ask him to but perhaps he sensed my hesitation on the phone; either way I appreciated the gesture.

We entered the house and I was introduced to the others there. All guys. At the realization it was all guys, at least two of which I recognized somewhat, I felt more at ease. Why? Because walking into a group of new girls is like being fed to the lions ~ you know I'm right. Even if they are nice to you, you know as soon as you walk away they are talking about you and trying to size you up. I know this cause my friends do it as well at times. But guys on the other hand are not nearly as judgemental, are more relaxed, and I tend to get along better with them because there is usually little to no drama. Is that sad?

JC makes me a crown and coke and I take a seat at the Kitchen counter/bar and listen to the group conversation, participating at times. It was nice to sit back, laugh, and unwind after the long, tense day.

A minute later two of the guys started a game of pool and JC challenged me to a game of Fuzzball. The competitive side comes out as I sit down my drink and push up my sleeves. I won the first two games but the third he killed me!

Overall it was a nice night. I was glad I took the chance and did something out of character. I'm getting out of the shell slowly but surely.

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.”

~ Unknown ~

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Gorilla Bananas said...

It seems you are a guy's chick. Good for you!