Friday, April 17, 2009

The Date

So with my exciting-scene-from-a-movie-chase I have not got to blog about my date. Yes, you heard me correctly I did say date. Tuesday night I had a date.

This guy (who we will call Music Guy) had been asking me out for a few weeks but lets face it I've been pretty busy. Weekends are usually booked for me: working at Sports Bar, Barrel Races, etc. So I finally told him a weeknight would be better.

Tuesday night we headed to see a movie. We arrive at the theater to find the next movie (besides Hannah Montana) doesn't start till 9:15. It is now 7:50..................... We have time to kill. So we went bowling. Something I have not done in awhile. It was different, fun, and well not even slightly embarrassing that I sucked. lol

After a few games (of which I lost every time) we returned to theater and took our seats to see Haunting in Connecticut. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not much for scary movies. I like suspense but not blood and guts. I have never even seen the preview for this movie so I am a little nervous about what I may be getting myself into.

At 9:15 on a Tuesday night we are the only two that occupy the large theater. So we talk until the movie starts. I know him somewhat but not that well but despite that the conversation flowed easily. The movie began and was pretty good. But at one point you know something is about to happen, you can sense it. Then WHAM!!! Oh yes I jumped. And not little jump... Jump in like knees up to my chest, hands over face, gasp, launch into the air, butt no longer touching seat jump. Afterward we both laugh - him telling me he thought I was going to jump into the row behind us.

Overall it was a good first date. Yet on my way home I couldn't help but cry. I will blame it on PMS emotions. The only thing I could think was he wasn't X. Which is a good thing but still strange. This is the first movie date I have been on with someone other than X. Its new territory. An unfamiliar one. Like I said he was nice and things went great. There was just no spark. Sigh. Oh well :)

Will, "Got a hot date?"
Jack, "No, but the guy who's dating me does."
~ Will & Grace ~


Date Girl said...

Love the quote you used. I know that feeling, I used to cry a lot after my dates with Potential Guy. I think I just knew it wasn't going to work out, and it was disappointing.
Still, you did it, you got out there. I think just making that step, and getting those "first withouts the ex" moments is progress. You're getting there, you're not quite ready, but you're making the steps needed to get ready for that right guy to sweep you off your feet. Oh and you rock for going to see a scary movie. I refuse! Even though I love Match dearly, I told him he'd have to take someone else, ha. That or drag me kicking and screaming the whole way.

Unwritten said...

It is hard dating. I actually found someone with potential who I liked a lot. Your reaction to the scary movie pretty much sums up my reaction with him. He was the first guy I could see myself getting serious with after my ex. It's scary. I ran. It's been a little more than a year and I'm still not ready. So at least you're getting out there.