Friday, April 10, 2009


There will be more to come but this is my random thoughts of the moment.

I knew Marine1 was coming home this weekend. The plan for Friday night had been simple:

I was working at SportsBar
He was going to come in and eat diner and wait for me to get off work.
We were going to go out.

But at 3:00 I was called and told that I didn't have to work (whoopee!!) So I had Vixen stop by a Ticketmaster location and get me a ticket for the concert her and Vivi were going to tonight. I didn't contact Marine1 because I hadn't heard from him in a week and plans change. Our plans weren't even definite. And one of the new rules is, I will not sit around and wait on a guy; regardless if he is friend or a potential love interest ~ maybe I shall rephrase that completely ~ I will not sit around and wait on anybody. If there is something I want to do I am going to go do it.

So as we were on the way to the concert (interesting ride will give more info later) I get a message.

Marine1: What r u doing tonight?
Me: Going ____ to see _____. You?
Marine1: Not sure who all is going?
Me: Me, Vivi, Vixen
Marine1: Cool sounds fun
Me: Should be :) ride down if you don't find anything to do
Marine1: k I might

I kinda feel guilty at this point for not inviting him more in advance. But I don't know I feel in the grey area if this would have been before the hook up I probably would have - now though I guess I don't really want to contact him that much because I don't want him to think I like him as more than a friend. So then later I am having fun shaking my butt on the dance floor when I feel my phone vibrate from in my purse.

Marine1: Whats up
Me: Plenty. Whats up with you?
Marine1: Not much. Where you at
Me: Same place was earlier. Where you at?
Marine1: In town
Me: Miss us don't ya? lol boring without us?
Marine1: Yeah

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