Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stupid Boy

Saturday night Vixen and I prepared to go out for a friends birthday. The girls we were going out with love to dress up. So I traded my jeans for a cute dress I had purchased for the occasion at Ross this past week for twelve bucks (Yes twelve bucks! And for twelve bucks I think it is quite cute). It is unlike anything I would normally wear, in that it was short and tight. But when in Rome. Also it is white. Me the klutz wearing white....... maybe I didn't think this thru............And Vixen looked hot as always in her black and white attire. The night went well. Girlfriend as always took FOREVER to get ready!! So our 8:00 diner reservation turned into 9:30 phone call to the friend at the restaurant Girlfriend saying we are almost there (when in reality we are no where close). But from my seat in the back I was just along for the ride and hoping to not waste away from hunger.

I tell you all this to lead up to today.....

Vixen has been talking to this guy who is drop-dead-model-gorgeous. I mean HOT does not even begin to justify how gorgeous this guy is. But like most cute guys he is cocky and just oozes something that sends off those danger signs flashing, "Player Alert, Player Alert!!!" But like a moth to a flame girls still flock to him. However Vixen, don't let her sweet smile fool you, can be quite the player herself. Not looking for a relationship she sees this type of guy as a challenge almost. Or at least ideal date candidate because it is a 100 percent guarantee he is not looking for a relationship either. Perhaps though because he has been blessed with good looks I will assume he was not blessed with a brain nor common sense. I mean how else can you explain it??

Last night Vixen wants me to send him a pic of her looking hot in her dress. She has the fancy iPhone which can not send picture messages (except to email addresses). So I have to send the picture to him from my phone. He said he had a friend and that we could all double date sometime so he told Vixen for me to send a picture of me as well. I sent the first picture of me along with the picture of Vixen. To her pic he replies: Sexy - and to mine: Nice legs. All is fine and dandy. Later in the night he sends us each a text saying "Be Careful." Ok that's nice.


I went into work this morning (I took off yesterday for a horse show) and I get a text from Vixen's potential Bo. I'm at work at this point and figure he texted her and she is still asleep and didn't reply so he texted me.

Guy: "Have fun?"
Me: "Yeah we had a fun night."

Closed ended response. Or so I thought. But no he sends a few other innocent texts asking about our night, what we doing today, etc. I reply leaving all response closed ended. Then I get this, "What are you wearing?"

I'm caught a little off guard. Ok shocked would be a better word!! So me being the avoider that I am just don't reply. I'm to busy anyway to really think about this or put it into a context of how to tell Vixen he is now a confirmed creep.

Out of sight out of mind.

An hour later I get another text.

Guy: "Sounds good!!"
Me: "What sounds good?"
Guy: "Your legs wrapped around me!"
Me: "Haha yeah right you must be dreaming."

Did this douche bag really just text me that?? So I also send, "You realize Vixen (you know that girl you been trying to hook up with) is my best friend right?"

His reply, "Yeah"

Yeah. Yeah!! That is all you can say?! I mean really how stupid can this guy be? I mean is this a test of my loyalty to Vixen or something? Does he think I will not tell her?

I have an inner debate of how to handle the situation. I don't want Vixen to be let down nor though do I want her to fall for this guy. Sigh. I call her and try to gently tell her that she needs to wash her hands of him. She says he has been texting her today as well.

She calls him out on his comments to me. He tries to say he was just messing around with me. Right.... I'm sure that was it. You know I do that to people I don't know all the time.

It is guys like this that make us girls not trust guys at all. Period.

There are easier things in life than finding a good man.
Nailing Jell-o to a tree for instance.
~ Unknown ~


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Tsk tsk...guys are such assholes. The nerve of him to text you like that though he already knows that you and Vixen are best friends. tsk tsk...

Date Girl said...

I'm so glad you told her, and that she called him out on it. I really hope she's done with him. That puts you in such an awkward position! What a scumbag. Wanting a relationship or not, still doesn't mean he can mac on you both, gross!!