Friday, April 24, 2009

Well This Sucks

As we inched forward in the bumper to bumper traffic I looked up to the sky watching the rain drops starting to fall. Babbles, Girlfriend, and myself were on the way to a concert. An outside concert. And it was raining. Great............... but that's ok we are definitely not sweet enough that we will melt.

A quick text to Vivi, who is already there, tells me the show has not yet started. I'm going to meet my girls Vivi and Vixen and others at the concert so I know despite the rain it will be a fun night. I bought the ticket to go with them in the first place just last minute Babbles and Girlfriend bought tickets and so I could work later I decided to ride down with them.

Babbles parks the car, I throw on the light jacket I had brought pulling the hood over my head in a vain attempt to stay dry. The 3 of us walk briskly perhaps thinking the faster we walk the less water will hit us..... doesn't really make sense but neither does saying "we were walking fast to get inside so we could stand in the rain....."

We get inside and I send a text to Vivi who was going to save us a place next to them on the lawn. Except they are no longer on the lawn. They got pit passes....... Ok............. Were you able to get us passes............... no....................... ok how do we get them................... look for them.....................We walk around in search but my luck is not that good. ~ Ok its standing in the rain for us 3 chicas. Oh well at this point we are all soaking wet. The three of us laugh out at our fate as we stand and listen to one of the opening bands who I had been really excited to see. They put on a great show but as we stand there we see the storm, which now includes lightening, moving closer to us rather than away. The opening band has now the left the stage and we are waiting for the main event. The lawn of venue is scattered with people, all of which are drunk or stoned, and oblivious to the lightening streaking across the sky.

Do we wait it out or go? We could care less about the rain. We're already wet. But the lightening that keeps getting closer and more frequent is a deciding factor. Fuck it lets go. The sky opens up in a downpour as we run to the car. Yes, we ran.

I enjoyed hanging out with Babbles and Girlfriend but it was a waste of 50bucks plus 20 for parking and gas. And I'll admit I was envious and jealous of Vivi and Vixen as they got to see the whole concert from close up while staying nice and dry.

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