Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to Braces

Yes, you read that right. Instead of back to basics I, E, am back to braces.

Cue the high school montage; flashbacks of awkward teenage years, the uncertainty, the excitement.

An early trip to the dentist sent me wandering down the street to the orthodontist. One look at my mouth and I am told by the receptionist that she will fit me in. I was quickly whisked away for x-ray's and then shown to a small room. The orthodontist comes in shortly and asks me about the accident and then tells me the good news, "Your teeth are not broken and neither are the roots." Then like most good news it is followed by bad news. The bone that holds the teeth is broken. I am then told I need braces ASAP. He explains it by saying that you put a cast on a broken arm and that the braces will serve as a cast. They will pull my teeth back forward and that my teeth will be straight and good as new in about two weeks. Jump for joy. But like a cast the braces with have to stay on about three months till the bone sets and heals. Stop jumping for joy and realize that means I will be in braces all summer.

The braces go on. I am in extreme pain as I leave his office.

I awoke this morning and my teeth were nearly back in place. But my mouth hurts more than I ever knew possible. I call the doc to tell him that the meds they had given me at the hospital for pain are just not cutting it. I have a high pain tolerance to which he laughs and agrees saying that he can't believe I didn't at least cry when he had had to push the tooth forward the day before. He tells me he will call me something in. Thank you!!

So now at least the pain is numbed. And I am thankful all is well. 3 months of braces won't be so bad. I mean I wore them 5 years as a teen. Funny though I've never broken a bone before, so the first bone I've broken is one in my mouth. That my friends takes talent.

Thought I was broke before.... Shake of head..... why is it when we think we are getting ahead WHAM something hits us and we go back to square one. Funny how that works.


phoebe said...

good news that everything will go back to the way it was. the bright side... you were not hurt more seriously than you were. feel better and rest up. this is a great time to catch up on some cheesy tv!

Date Girl said...

I'm glad your teeth are straight again, even if you do have metal in your mouth. Think of it this way, don't you feel young again? ;-)
Remember when Miranda had braces on Sex and the City when she was going for partner? Watch that episode, it will crack you up.

E said...

Thanks Phoebe unfortantly I went back to work the next day (day job at least) so no cheesy tv! :(

Date Girl I totally forgot about that SATC episode! I will have to watch it again cause yes that was funny and now I now I can relate to Miranda :)